1. Dani

    Best practices with video resolution and frame rate

    If my site uses many different cameras (from each "user") what is the best practice for 2 way streaming regarding resolution and frame rate ? should I create a stream based on each camera settings or create fixed settings for all streams ? If the camera is 30 fps and I set a stream to be 25...
  2. hyuk

    Video packets do not pass from turn server to media server for more than 40-50 seconds.

    Hi. I am not sure if it is a turn server problem or a WCS problem, so I am writing this in frustration. We are using an external turnserver to send data to the WCS media server. Briefly, data is transmitted to Public IP -> Firewall -> L4 Switch -> Turn Server -> Network Connection Equipment ->...
  3. I

    Поддержка инстансов AWS

    Здравствуйте. 1. Правильно понимаю, что архитектура Arm не поддерживается и не планируется? Т.е. переход на инстансы типа a1 невозможен? 2. Поддерживается ли работа на инстансах типа m6i?
  4. S

    docker image multi_arch x86/arm64

    Hi, Do you guys planning to release a multi arch image for x86 and ARM architectures ? Or are thee a arm64 version of docker image ? best regards Piotr
  5. R

    Capabilities of WebcallServer

    Hi, We need the following of the regarding flashphoner server 1. Hardware Requirements(Min and Max) 2. Maximum how many cameras can handle by single server and for that what is the configuration of system needed 3. If there are more than 1000+ cameras how many servers may needed . and...
  6. vladdrummer

    Возможно ли запустить сервер на Андроид - устройстве?

    Здравствуйте, возможно ли запустить сервер на андроид-девайсе? В моём приложении устройства подключены по вайфай к хотспоту на андроид-устройстве, на нём есть Websocket-сервер который общается с устройствами. То есть, андроид - устройство - это и вайфай и сервер, и в интернет лезть не надо...
  7. A

    Video chat HW requirement

    Hi there The customer wants to use 25 sessions of video chat (2 streams per session) total of 50 streams... pls let us know the hardware requiements with CPU cores, RAM, Internet Bandwidth and Harddisk for per hour storage... Thx AB
  8. K

    Stream issue on iPhone

    Hello, We have a very strange error with one of our iPhones (iOS 14.2). It cannot start streaming, just shows black local video area. No logs, no visible errors, nothing. We tried "Stream diagnostic" example hosted on our server and got the following...