ip configuration

  1. C

    No free ports available

    Не могу запустить трансляцию упирается в ошибку "No free ports available", Сервер Centos 7
  2. A

    two way streaming - ICS timeout error

    Hello All, We are trying to test two way streaming with WCS and not able to connect because of error - ICS timeout while publishing local user flashphoner.properties # Config flashphoner.properties # To get more settings: # ssh -p 2001 admin@localhost # default password: admin # show...
  3. C

    AWS EC2 Pre-configured Instance Demos Not Working: Failed by ICE timeout

    Hi, I followed the instructions to deploy a pre-configured AWS EC2 instance. I was able to successfully deploy the instance and login to the demo dashboard, but I am receiving the same error when I try to publish any of the demos: "Failed by ICE timeout" I'm running version...
  4. U

    Streaming FAILED

    1. Описание проблемы: - сценарий использования сервера - видеочат - признаки проблемы - не публикуется видео - откуда публикуется поток - не публикуется видео снимаемое с web-камеры, которая транслирует в браузер, это проверялось в ОС Windows 10, в браузерах Google Chrome и Opera. - чем играется...
  5. S

    update Issues setting ip and ip_local gone, might cause rtmp republishing issue?

    Hi We see some strange behaviour when trying to update our server to latest version . Running 5.2.576 everything is good upgrading to latest 5.2.755 the ip adresses configured in the flasphoner properties file is removed ip= ip_local= Everytime we enter the ip adresse saving the file and...
  6. Dani

    Clone the Server

    Hi, I would like to run some tests off-line with my media server (basically - running upgrade of the software without effecting production system) I've cloned the media server and changed the ip address mapping in my local hosts file to the new one. For some reason it doesn't work What else...
  7. R

    FAILED Failed by ICE timeout

    Hello Max, We are testing another datacenter, and we got FAILED Failed by ICE timeout If we remove the LOCAL IP to WAN IP .. it works.
  8. lerxstrulz

    Running WCS 5.2 with Reverse Proxy

    Hi, I'm trying WCS on Ubuntu 16.04 (I know 18.04 is recommended) and have verified my java install as well as glibc. I also received my trial license today. I am setting up reverse proxy through apache to WCS so that I don't have to expose the ports to the world (I currently do this with...