jdk 11

  1. J

    High CPU usage on web call server even without any streaming session

    I noticed web call server consistently use up high CPU resource in my server even though there is no on going streaming session; wonder how I can tune it.
  2. D

    WCS at 100% CPU, streaming doesn't work anymore

    Hi, I'm running the latest version of WCS and right when I start it up it sends the CPU to 100% and it stays there. I have a camera that used to stream fine but now it doesn't stream through WCS at all- the player says "failed" around 20 seconds after clicking on it. The server can ping the...
  3. richard-vd

    high CPU usage

    My Safari browser (version 13.1.1 (15609. on macOS 10.15.5) sends HTTPS traffic that causes permanently high CPU usage on the server, until I restart WCS. It looks like it happens when the HTTPS connections are closed after timeout. I just go to https://<WCS_IP>:8444/ and around 30...