1. ajayalag1974

    Reduce Latency of HLS/M3U8 Live Streaming Playback via Flashphoner/Other Tech

    Hello, I am pretty noob about how Flashphoner works so my request could make no sense but i just want to ask this question, i am able to reduce latency of rtmp/rtsp links by playing them through WCS5 Server (something like this link -...
  2. domi91c

    WebRTC to RTMP: Reducing latency

    I recently setup WCS5 on an AWS micro instance. My web app allows two users to have a conversation through WebRTC, and I'm sending one side of that conversation to Flashphoner to be converted in real-time to an RTMP stream, which I then feed into OBS as a Media Source. From the web app to OBS...