1. ybenelli

    [SIP Call] inbound voice 3-4sec delay

    Hi, we have AWS WCS 5 small and we having issues with sip calls, there is a 3 or 4 seconds delay on inbound voice, there is not problem with outbound voice The quality is good, the only problem is the incoming voice delay. The WCS and PBX are on same region, the problem is the same on...
  2. ajayalag1974

    Reduce Latency of HLS/M3U8 Live Streaming Playback via Flashphoner/Other Tech

    Hello, I am pretty noob about how Flashphoner works so my request could make no sense but i just want to ask this question, i am able to reduce latency of rtmp/rtsp links by playing them through WCS5 Server (something like this link -...
  3. domi91c

    WebRTC to RTMP: Reducing latency

    I recently setup WCS5 on an AWS micro instance. My web app allows two users to have a conversation through WebRTC, and I'm sending one side of that conversation to Flashphoner to be converted in real-time to an RTMP stream, which I then feed into OBS as a Media Source. From the web app to OBS...