1. Gabriel Soudry

    MSE broken since FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1408

    Hello, we have encountered while attempting to update Flashphoner. Our previous version was 5.2.1404, and we primarily utilize the MSE along with an RTSP emulator to simulate real-time streaming. Our configurations have remained mostly unchanged from the default settings. We use bstreamer to...
  2. Александр

    Воспроизведение нескольких видеопотоков MSE на одной веб-странице

    Здравствуйте, Подскажите, пожалуйста, есть ли возможность воспроизводить в веб-приложении с подключением к WCS5 несколько видеопотоков MSE на одной веб-странице одновременно? Вывел 4 контейнера видеопотоков MSE (с одним websocket подключением) на одну веб-страницу, но воспроизводится только...
  3. J

    Need help to improve performance

    Hello We are using Flashphoner with AWS. We are using MSE for rtsp source. But rtsp source video is no problem and quick, but with flashphoner video sometimes lack in web browser. sometimes videos are stopped 2 ~ 3 seconds and playing again. Any solution for improve performance? Thank you
  4. J

    Problem in iOS Browsers

    Hello We are using web sdk embedded player for show live video to browser from rtsp(IP camera) url We are using MediaProvider:MSE, and it works for all PC browsers. But problem is when we open it in iOS browsers(Safari , chrome), it shows "None of preferred Media Providers available"...
  5. S

    strange case of MSE and the "Worker"

    Hi, I finally succeed in playing a stream using MSE provider. I was having issues with MSE Provider I wasn't able to play a stream on my website ( I could play it with the examples though). So definitely something on my website is causing problems. This was the error before: The error I had...
  6. richard-vd

    high quality stereo audio from server

    My source is an RTSP stream with stereo AAC audio. I want to achieve high quality stereo audio encoding in the direction of server to browser. The AAC and Opus bitrates are configurable in, but it's still mono. How can I set the Opus and AAC encoders to stereo? And it...
  7. richard-vd

    freezes (but only when WCS output is UDP)

    My stream often freezes for a few seconds, while audio continues uninterrupted. It only happens when WCS outputs UDP, either directly using UDP WebRTC or even indirectly using the internal TURN server (in that case the only use of UDP is between TURN and WCS!). The same stream over TCP WebRTC or...