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    Capabilities of WebcallServer

    Hi, We need the following of the regarding flashphoner server 1. Hardware Requirements(Min and Max) 2. Maximum how many cameras can handle by single server and for that what is the configuration of system needed 3. If there are more than 1000+ cameras how many servers may needed . and...
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    Verint NVR Support in Flashphoner

    How do we support camera stream from Verint NVR ? Any suggestions how we can get it using WCS server !!!
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    Streaming from NVR on Chrome Browser

    Hi, We wanted to stream the live feed from NVR's and IP camera on Chrome browser using flash phoner 1. What are the formats(RTSP, rtmp, hls, mp4..... ) supported by Flashphoner to stream on Chrome browser 2. Does this supports other features like playing recorded video from NVR , PTZ...