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    demo.flashphoner не работает в Opera не работает в Opera (Version:70.0.3728.178 на Linux) Есть ощущение, что Опера в отличие от других браузеров пытается использовать flash, увы даже его включение не помогает начать воспроизведение.
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    Embed Player - Duplicate Video

    Hello! We are experience issues (video is duplicated) on embed video player as bellow:
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    Player HTML5 - Show Controls

    Hello! While using player demo, if right click on stream, show controls are avaiable. How to make controls always avaiable?
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    Multiple Players at same page

    Hello! Its possible to use the player (webrtc) not embed, on the same page, to monitor arround 50 streams? Actually we are using this with the embed code and works.