1. ajayalag1974

    Permanently Publish Stream pulled from RTMP Source Efficiently

    Hi, I want to permanently publish a stream (ch_1) on WCS-5 which is pulled from a RTMP Source URL (rtmp://xyz..) 1. I want to permanently publish a Stream with name: "ch_1" to be played view embed_player Iframe/Link 2. Which pulls its video from a RTMP Source URL something like...
  2. Dani

    can't open steam on iphone 11 and 12 while in a phone call.

    Finally figured out the issue with iphone11 and iphone12 - and it is reproduced with your own demo. You can't publish a stream while using the phone (regular call).
  3. S

    Publish not working on Firefox after update to FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.859

    Publishing does not work anymore after updating the WCS server version to 5.2.859. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use 2 way streaming example on demo 2. Click Connect button (result ok) 3. Click Publish button (fails) An error message appears: FAILED Browser error detected: The object can not be found...
  4. L

    Отсутствие звука в iOS 14

    Возникла такая проблема, при публикации WebRTC потока с телефона, а именно iOS 14 + Safari отключаются все звуки на сайте для паблишера, а также отключаются звуки нажатий клавиш (тапов по клавиатуре), системный звуки уведомления етц. Как только публикация прекращается всё возвращается в норму.
  5. M

    Publisher playback video black

    We started to receive complaints from a few customers on Android and iPhone with black video when publishing. Our connection workflow is the following: 1. Broadcaster open the page, video playback is shown and it connects to Flashphoner server to create the session (Video showing) 2...
  6. D

    Failed при публикации стрима

    Добрый день, Установили последнюю версию Web Call Server. На половине устройств при создании Two-way streaming выдается ошибка Failed когда публикуем стрим ( нажатие Publish) но у некоторых работает. При нажатии Publish в логах ничего не происходит Куда посмотреть?
  7. J

    Help with FFMPEG +

    I read your article when I ran the script I got the following error: $ sudo python live rtmp:// ubuntu@tool:~/yt-live2nginx$ ffmpeg...