1. L

    Access WebRTC stream using simple URL format

    Hi We are trying to configure an external application to pull a stream from the WCS server, but the only format accepted from the external application is: wss://mystream.ngrok.io/audiostream Where audiostream is the unique stream name Is there a way to configure the WCS server to be able to...
  2. appsgenii

    Flashphoner stop working

    My videos streams were working fine but it stoped today without any changes done on server. I have tried rtmp and rtsp both they are working directly on VLC but not from flashphoner. Getting this error when trying to stream from admin panal as well. FAILED Failed by ICE timeout Regards Adnan
  3. V

    Can't play rtmp video while playing

    Hi, I have a bug. Can't play rtmp video while playing. How can fix it?
  4. R

    Get RTMP from another server like wowza or red5

    Hello! How can I push/pull a stream from another server ... example, we have a RTMP stream from Wowza, and would like to add it to our ROOM ... is there an API to this?