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    Rtmp republish quality

    Hi there We´r seeing some random issues with the rtmp republished quality, we use the room api and republish both streams. If we use VP8 then looking at webrtc internals bandwidth and the bandwidth on the republished streams we can see that there's almost a 50% reduction so everything...
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    Качество видео и параметры flashphoner'a

    Добрый день! У нас вопрос по параметрам flashphoner'a Вы рекомендуете значения: media_port_from= 10001 media_port_to = 50000 webrtc_cc_min_bitrate=300000 webrtc_cc_max_bitrate=7000000 webrtc_sdp_min_bitrate_bps = 3000000 webrtc_sdp_max_bitrate_bps = 10000000 ice_tcp_transport = true...
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    WebRTC to RTMP, optimize quality

    Hello, We have a WCS instance running on Digital Ocean droplet, and we use it as a "proxy" for live streams from browser to Mux (https://mux.com), that accepts RTMP input. We are aiming 1280x720 resolution, and right now we don't like video quality much. I tried both H.264 and VP8 codecs...
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    HLS first user issue

    Hi, I m publishing the streams to origin servers and playing using HLS by edge servers. When a first user tries to view the stream, the stream can't be played in player and buffer gets stalled out. If it is played again, then streams gets played. Based on this link...
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    Webcam Quality

    Hello! We are questioned by our end customers, why VmixCall webrtc has better video quality than our systems. What is the ideal settings for better performance of webcam streaming from browser on FlashPhoner? Users with a bad internet connection on vmixcall still with a good picture quality...
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    Increase video quality

    Hello! We are using H.264 codec profile (baseline). Is there any other settings or profiles to be created or adjusted to increase video quality? Thanks, Rafael
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    Poor quality video - RTMP to WebRTC

    Hello! We are experience problems with froozen image and audio, shock images and bad quality while attempt to stream RTMP -> WCS -> USER END Is there some tunning or settings recommendations?