rest hooks

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    Данные, получаемые через websocket

    Добрый день, наша интеграция с манго оффис работает через флэшфоннер и websocket к манго на клиентской стороне, чтобы получать события по звонку. Можем ли мы собития по звонку с детализацией получать от флэшфоннера? Максимум, что на текущий момент выжимаем из флэшфоннера - это номер телефона и...
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    RTMP User and Password?

    Could someone give me a step-by-step where I activate/register on the server, username and password for rtmp transmission? I read several topics, tried several methods, but anyone can still transmit to my Flashphoner AWS Server. Thanks
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    The createSession "custom" param gets issues to subscriber play video

    Hello We recently updated Flashphoner to version 5.2.1070 The publish video stream still working with no issues. But after the update, subscribing to play a video stopped working via WebRTC. HLS is still working. We spent a lot of time debugging, checking what was different in our code and...
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    SharedObject support

    Hello, FMS/Wowza/etc have a built-in SharedObject functionality to exchange data. Does WCS have a similar model?