rtsp publishing

  1. R

    Stream Status is Playing but no streaming

    When we tried to play rtsp stream stream not happening without any error Ans Stream Event status coming as PLAYING
  2. R

    How to publish the Live RTSP URL and play in Chrome browser

    How we can publish rtsp url for live in flashphoner using rest api and how we use it in chrome browser (video tag)
  3. Y

    RTSP stream name

    Hi! I'm using WCS 5.2.945 I publish an rtsp video stream to the server by using its dns name rtsp://<flashphoner-dns-name>:554/live/my-stream I want to play it with web-rtc and rtmp players and I only able to play when I provide to the player the stream name with the direct server ip...
  4. Corrado

    RTP direct sream

    Any chance flashphoner will be able to receive a direct rtp stream anytime soon? I need to publish a passive rtp stream coming from a ionodes board (point to point). I can set target IP and port.
  5. Y

    Incoming RSPT stream

    Hi! I new to this server and I'm using Web Call Server 5 trial version. I'm trying to send my stream as rtsp to the server using ffmpeg. My command line is: ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -re -i music.m4a -c:a aac -ac 2 -ar 48000 -b:a 96K -f rtsp -rtsp_transport tcp rtsp://server-ip:554/live/test.sdp...