1. Edgar

    Security vulnerabilities

    When we try to upload our app to GPlay we have this warning: Your app uses a faulty version of WebRTC that contains security vulnerabilities. We are using wcs-android-sdk-
  2. E

    AWS Marketplace Instance isssue

    Hi, I'm running the Flashphoner webcallserver AMI instance with built in license on AWS - am able to SSH in to the server no problem but my browser refuses to connect to the locallhost:8888 have followed all your online instructions but no luck - any ideas what might be stoppng the connection...
  3. dAAAb

    AWS EC2 setup fail.

    Hi, I've tried WCS Server EC2 launcher, looks fantastic. After figure out that I have to enable public IPV4 and Public DNS in VPC setting, I seems to have it setup correctly. However, I can't view the page through public DNS address... with or without port 8888, it's not work. Please help! Thanks!
  4. J

    open ports and firewall

    Hi We are using Flashphoner. My developer has opened Ports 30 000 - 33 000 to facilitate livestreaming. The company who provides security for the site says that their firewall cannot be configured to protect our sites anymore because of the open ports. What is the solution? Thanks!
  5. prakash_123

    RTSP Security

    Need help regarding the security of the RTSP link that is been used in the embedded player on client side. Is there any way to encrypt that link from being exposed on the client side. Need help very urgently as I'm stuck due to this issue. The url is also naked so any one have no rights to the...
  6. G

    Ссылка на записанное видео и демо страницы

    Добрый день, не совсем понял с чем это связано, но перестали открываться ссылки на запись (в тч в демо примерах) /client/*****.mp4 вместо них кидает на авторизацию в админку. И также заметил, что раньше демо странички были по ссылками /client2/examples/... , а сейчас /shared/examples/... и в...
  7. E


    Добрый день! Скажите, порт 8443 торчит наружу. Он и на веб-морду идет, и на wss. Есть ли какие-то проверенные способы его закрыть. Кто на это наступал уже? Поделитесь опытом.