1. sangsoo

    Parsing error when collecting format prometheus stats

    Hello. We are collecting action=stats values using prometheus. After updating wcs version 1942, stconv parsing error occurs. The same symptoms are observed in the latest 1948 version. -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.1948-2ade12189ba6795a9b137c497e179847f3c1643d...
  2. sangsoo

    How to get real-time stat information of conference

    hello. We did a load test referring to a recent blog post. 1. What kind of server do you need to run a thousand WebRTC streams? 2. 10 Important WebRTC Streaming Metrics and Configuring Prometheus + Grafana Monitoring 3. WebRTC Back and Forth -----Version info-----...
  3. S

    How to disable anonymous viewing of the statistics?

    Hello -Version: 5.5.2-944 (Amazon AWS) -WebSDK: 2.0.170 How can i disable viewing stats without http/https anonymously http://host:8081/?action=stat https://host:8444/?action=stat Best, Thomas
  4. djuka

    Streams overview

    Hi, we have licensed Flashphoner installed on our servers and we have one question: can we get real-time information about currently opened streaming channels on server?
  5. S

    How to regularly get the number of connected clients?

    Hello -Version: 5.5.2-944 (Amazon AWS) -WebSDK: 2.0.170 Is there a way to regularly get the number of connected clients to show (maybe update every minute) in my Vue.js based webapp? Best, Thomas
  6. burak guder

    How can I reach the number of instant viewers?

    I use the rest api system on flashphoner. After creating a new stream, I want to get the stream based instant viewer count via rest api. When I use these "/connection/find" and "/connection/find_all", they return me a lot of data. Thanks for your help