stream name

  1. S

    WebRTC stream name overwrite

    Hi, Firt of all i'm new to flasphoner I previously used a lot of other media servers but now i think FP will be new prefered choice :) I'm trying to build a homogenous strategy for protecting my broadcasters. I Use WebRTC and RTMP/OBS. I succeed to create a "Twitch like" experience where...
  2. prakash_123

    RTSP Security

    Need help regarding the security of the RTSP link that is been used in the embedded player on client side. Is there any way to encrypt that link from being exposed on the client side. Need help very urgently as I'm stuck due to this issue. The url is also naked so any one have no rights to the...
  3. R

    Feature Request - Mixer Caption & Voice Activity Color Picker

    Hello Max, We would like to request a feature: Actually we know is possible to display stream name on mixer, but we use stream name as ID to identify the user. Due some "special chars" we preffer do not use stream name as username. We would like to add a CAPTION text for each stream on...
  4. R

    Get stream name from conference or two-way videochat

    Hello! I need to republish video and audio stream from users connected to conference or two-wat videochat. I try to found some information about the streamName, but without sucess. Where i can locate the separate stream name from each participant and is possible to re-transmit it as RTMP like...