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    WebRTC: Have to push switch button twice when starting a stream with the rear camera since WebSDK

    Hi Before this update it was possible in the “then” call after getMediaDevices to call list.video = list.video.reverse(); and by doing so make it use the backwards facing camera to begin with. However, from WebSDK version and onwards using this method makes the switch button...
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    Websdk issue ios camera toggle from version (october)

    Hi there Seems like there's an issue with media devices on IOS going from websdk to all new versions including the latest Running latest wcs 5.2.873 We have a video chat where users can toggle cameras, on android it works ok, on ios tested version 14.0 and...
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    [URGENT] Support external camera

    Hi Flashphoner, I really like your sdk. Thanks for your solution! I have an app with custom camera implementation and I would like to use my camera as local source. What is the best way to connect my camera implementation with your sdk? Thanks in advance. Look forward to seeing your reply.
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    Support for using external USB camera instead of device camera

    Hi guys, I need to implement an audio/video call over sip functionality in my app(android app), and for video I need to use an external usb camera which I already implemented and connected. Is there a way to point your library to use external usb cam instead of internal device cam? Thanks, Marius