1. P

    Отсутствует звук в HLS у некоторых стримов

    Добрый день. Мы используем CDN (origin,transcoder,edge) и столкнулись со следующей проблемой Некоторые стримы после transcoder'a по HLS воспроизводятся без звука, по webrtc такой проблемы не наблюдаем и звук у этого же стрима есть. Если запросить этот стрим до transcoder'a на origin сервере (с...
  2. S

    transcode a stream to video only

    Hi, I need to transcode my stream so that the output of the original steam has no audio. I tried adding "hasAudio": false to transcoder startup params but it won't work. When I list all transcoders via API the hasAudio is set to true in my transcoded stream and of course when i play the...
  3. H

    Transcoding running on Edge server

    I have setup a transcoder server in between origin and edge . Why is my Edge server still doing the transcoding despite pulling resources from transcoder? This is my setup.. RTMP publish to Origin Server -> Transcoder pull from Origin Server-> Edge server pull transcoder server and client...
  4. sangsoo

    We hope this function. "Add or change overlay graphics"

    Hello. I am using the stream watermarking function. I am referring to the following guide. It is very good. - One thing, I want to set (or remove) watermark images for each video. (*)I already know how to set the watermark for each...