video chat

  1. A

    Video chat HW requirement

    Hi there The customer wants to use 25 sessions of video chat (2 streams per session) total of 50 streams... pls let us know the hardware requiements with CPU cores, RAM, Internet Bandwidth and Harddisk for per hour storage... Thx AB
  2. N

    Звонок без sip сервера

    Добрый вечер! Подскажите, возможно ли организовать аудио звонок с браузер на браузер?
  3. K

    Dynamic MCU mixer layout

    Hello, We are developing a live meeting app, where meeting host can speak on their own or give a word to one of several participants (only one at a time). Thus, mixer stream can contain either single host stream or host and single participant streams. In the first case host stream must be full...
  4. A

    iPhone issue in Video Chat

    Hi there, We are testing the video chat service for client and are almost ready to go for production, however the client have noticed that the Video chat is only working one sided from earlier versions of iOS 12 and earlier... however it was also noticed that the MCU_Client app is running OK...
  5. N


    Hi Max, My scenario - I using video chat example. Participants 1 - screen share + voice Participants 2 - Voice Participants 3 - Voice I've achieved this scenario. But I need all the communication and screen share mixer into one video file
  6. Igor Sharewell

    AWS балансировщик для 2-way streaming

    Здравствуйте, Столкнулись с такой проблемой: У нас есть комнаты для разговоров 1 на 1. Подключение между ними происходит через roomApi. AWS инстанс стоит за AWS LB. После того, как поднимается второй инстанс, сокет соединения перестают соединяться в одну комнату. Т.е. из-за балансировщика...
  7. J

    Issue with Video chat and Screen sharing (two way communication)

    Hi max, I need to share both video and screen at the same time. Demo example available with flashphoner server (video chat) is not working as expected. - Firefox video and audio sharing is not working. - Chrome screen sharing is not working, (only video sharing works for publisher and...