1. Dani

    unable to mux webm

    everything worked ok until Dec 5, then - whenever I try to mux the flashphoner output I get this error: ffmpeg -i sh.webm -itsoffset -0.05 -i sh_s.webm -r 30 test.mp4 ffmpeg version 3.4.9 Copyright (c) 2000-2021 the FFmpeg developers built with gcc 4.8.5 (GCC) 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-44)...
  2. P

    WebRTC:VP8 player loader keeps spinning

    Hi We have an issue with the VP8 codec that is not present in 5.2.940 but seems to have started from 5.2.944 (maybe even 5.2.942) and newer. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to reproduce. It helps leaving out H264 in the flashphoner.properties file codecs list and then starting and stopping...
  3. Nir Familier

    Webm configuration

    Hi, I need to send streaming videos as webm and not mp4. How do i set the server/client to save stream and save as webm files.
  4. Dani

    muxing 2 files

    I have 2 webm files. one with video and no sound. one with sound and no video (actually the video is just blank) they are on the WCS directory. now I want to play them in a web-browser - I need to get the video from the first file and the audio from the 2nd file. how do I do this ? do I...
  5. S

    webm -> mp4

    Приветствую. В давнем посте было указано что поставлен тикет "feature request WCS-1217" на решение проблемы с декодингом webm в mp4...
  6. M

    WebRTC congestion Network

    Hi ! I have a wierd thing happening. I publish with OBS WebRTC to my AWS Server. On top of that there is a WebRTC 1 way video and 2 way audio that I publish from my computer at the office. When There is more than 3 peoples at the office watching the stream via their browser in WebRTC there is...
  7. М

    demo.flashphoner не работает в Opera

    https://demo.flashphoner.com/client2/examples/demo/streaming/two_way_streaming/two_way_streaming.html не работает в Opera (Version:70.0.3728.178 на Linux) Есть ощущение, что Опера в отличие от других браузеров пытается использовать flash, увы даже его включение не помогает начать воспроизведение.
  8. A

    Артефакты на видео

    https://api.eyezon.app:8444/client/records/5f072aa60bad5a09d2d4ec33-5edf51f21db4c23abcf85ec5_1f820fa3-2f4b-42a5-9a80-ae92a9dbde66.webm Почему на видео могут быть такие артефакты ?
  9. P

    Публикация FAILED в Opera

    Тестирую WebRTC Video Chat на https://demo.flashphoner.com и получаю ошибку публикации FAILED. Браузер Opera 68.0.3618.63, в хроме работает, что это может быть? Неподдерживаемый браузер?
  10. S

    rtmp republishing artifacts replay issues

    Hi running version 5.2.567 we seen a lot of issues with artifacts on the republished stream, see attached image We think this was not an issue on older versions but we´r not really sure when this was introduced, it also seems to help putting the vp8 codec behind h264 in the...