1. J

    Streaming video quality issue with 5.2.639 version

    Hi, We are observing blur video on live streaming as well as stored video (s3) We followed one of your thread and changed the order of VP8, as below codecs=opus,alaw,ulaw,g729,speex16,g722,mpeg4-generic,telephone-event,vp8,h264,flv,mpv This has improved the live video quality but the stored...
  2. N

    Azure Failed by ICE timeout

    I am setting up WCS5 in an Azure environment. When I test it with the streamer on the demo page, the following error occurs. FAILED Failed by ICE timeout What should I set? The port is set as documented.
  3. M

    iPhone publisher Failed by DTLS error

    Hello, We have updated the Flashphoner server to the build 5.2.631 and we started to see the error "Failed by DTLS error" when publishing via iOS version 13.4.1 - 13.5. Publishing via iOS 13.2 is working fine. We have used your demo application under Streamer and Stream Diagnostic tabs. Both...