1. A

    Embed text/images overlay in live stream video

    Hi Team, I have a requirement where we need to embed texts/images in a live stream video on the fly. Do the API provide such a facility? Can you please share the documentation link for the same? I have attached the image with text as well as image containing the logo/price. We need to embed...
  2. L

    Работа с видеопотоком

    Подскажите, есть ли возможность на мобильных SDK работать с видеопотоком - получать его из PercentFrameLayout или SurfaceViewRenderer? Например, для наложения на него масок и фильтров.
  3. R

    MIXER - Change background

    Hello! Its possible to add a JPEG to mixer background? If not possible, is possible to change background color from mixer not black to transparent?
  4. J

    Mixer Layout Stream Labeling

    Hi, we just tested your mixer ( mcu client ) and rest api. It is fine, unfortunately we can not find to put label to the stream such as zoom does. How can we add this ? Or can we know the layout merge strategy at client side. As we see, every user see the same layout but we dont know which...
  5. sangsoo

    We hope this function. "Add or change overlay graphics"

    Hello. I am using the stream watermarking function. I am referring to the following guide. It is very good. -https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Stream+watermarking One thing, I want to set (or remove) watermark images for each video. (*)I already know how to set the watermark for each...