1. G

    Video On Demand Service

    Hi, I want some clarification on video on demand streaming in flashphoner. Actually I want to stream multiple recorded video in amazon s3. (For Example I added 6 Video File) Now I want to stream that 6 file in my live stream without stopping my live stream. For more Clarification I have some...
  2. DamirIlyasov

    Фоновая картинка и видео

    Здравствуйте, у меня 2 вопроса 1) Можно ли запустить фоновое видео в микшере? То есть на заднем фоне играет видео, а на переднем вещают несколько человек 2) Можно ли без пересоздания микшера поменять фоновую картинку? Задачи в онлайн конференции: 1) Делать видео/фото перебивки ( то есть люди...
  3. A

    Playing Adverts into the stream

    Hi, I wanted to ask if there is any way to inject the audio only adverts into the stream? We have a voice only service which user subscribe to, we would like to play adverts where admin press a button and the advert is choose based on some business logic and it plays to the users who are...