1. T

    WCS to rtsp camera security problem

    The config is Network camera --- RTSP ---> WCS ---- WebRTC --->Browser Is the WebRTC part has data encryption on the video channel? How about the RTSP part, it seems the username and password of the RTSP is in the URL itself, so it seems not secure, anyway we could help on the WCS to improve...
  2. emil.temirov

    RTSPS does not work

    Hello everyone! I have RTSPS stream (something like rtsps://myhost:433/stream), and when I'm trying to send POST request to my Web Call Server 5 rest API: `https://mywcshost/rest-api/rtsp/startup` with the following JSON body: { "uri": "rtsps://myhost:433/stream", "localStreamName"...