1. P

    hevc & nvenc

    Hello, in Oct 2022 Chrome browser has enabled hevc natively across all platforms hence this codec is now becoming ubiquitous. It is also supported natively on iOS/Android. Does WCS have any plans on enabling hevc as well as nvenc natively? Thanks, P
  2. E

    H265 codec support

    Hi just a question do you intend to support H265 codec and if so when would it be available, Thanks
  3. S

    RTSP Stream failed

    Some RTSP URI doesn't work with flashphoner. Its codec is H264, which flashphoner supports. Could you please check my RTSP URI?
  4. alexosh

    Черный экран на iOS (трансляция с камеры)

    Добрый день. Проблема на iOS клиентах. Трансляция с веб-камеры, на сервере дефолтные настройки. Используется кастомизированный embed player, в mediaProviders указано WebRTC,MSE (или пробовали наоборот), transport: TCP. Стрим подключается по и показывается нормально. Видео без звука (он...
  5. B

    my rtsp pull not working

    Hello sir my rtsp url i make request with rest-api/pull/pull { "uri":"ws://", "localStreamName":"stream", "remoteStreamName":"rtsp://" } i give my rtsp url with credentail this rtsp url work well with vls but not with this server can plz describe...