1. sangsoo

    The 2nd Join event does not occur in the conference.

    Hello. This symptom occurs when Room Join has not yet been published. (If you use “http://“, the symptom is easily reproduced because it is not published.) -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.1022-de64fe5ba1af8064f820a3293993e00df7929ea6...
  2. sangsoo

    2nd publish fails when using conference(Room API)

    Hello. When using conference(Room API), it fails from the 2nd publish. demo : /client2/examples/demo/streaming/conference/conference.html -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.1022-de64fe5ba1af8064f820a3293993e00df7929ea6 wcs_client_version=2.0.195-71b07a8b88011c6a7afb9b95d7e19b7da7084b96 1...