web rtc

  1. Reebo

    From web browser to Amazon ivs server

    Can I capture video from web browser, passing through webrtc server and then streaming to rtmp Amazon ivs? (rtmp server url and stream key) thanks in advanced
  2. R

    Streaming from NVR on Chrome Browser

    Hi, We wanted to stream the live feed from NVR's and IP camera on Chrome browser using flash phoner 1. What are the formats(RTSP, rtmp, hls, mp4..... ) supported by Flashphoner to stream on Chrome browser 2. Does this supports other features like playing recorded video from NVR , PTZ...
  3. S

    Cloud server performance issue

    Hi, We have a setup of multiple WCS servers on Azure. Recently we did load testing to determine maximum load of a server and we came to some unexpected results. Server details: 16 vCPUs and 64GB of RAM, Azure Das_v4 series Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 JDK: openjdk version 12.0.2...
  4. A

    Embed text/images overlay in live stream video

    Hi Team, I have a requirement where we need to embed texts/images in a live stream video on the fly. Do the API provide such a facility? Can you please share the documentation link for the same? I have attached the image with text as well as image containing the logo/price. We need to embed...