1. Dani

    unable to mux webm

    everything worked ok until Dec 5, then - whenever I try to mux the flashphoner output I get this error: ffmpeg -i sh.webm -itsoffset -0.05 -i sh_s.webm -r 30 test.mp4 ffmpeg version 3.4.9 Copyright (c) 2000-2021 the FFmpeg developers built with gcc 4.8.5 (GCC) 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-44)...
  2. Nir Familier

    Webm configuration

    Hi, I need to send streaming videos as webm and not mp4. How do i set the server/client to save stream and save as webm files.
  3. Dani

    muxing 2 files

    I have 2 webm files. one with video and no sound. one with sound and no video (actually the video is just blank) they are on the WCS directory. now I want to play them in a web-browser - I need to get the video from the first file and the audio from the 2nd file. how do I do this ? do I...
  4. fabiojapa

    Webm problem on Google Chrome

    I am having some problems on stream recording of webm video. The record is ok, but after some time the problem start: The webm is recorded, but don't play in Google Chrome. The same webm file works fine in Firefox. I need to restart de Flashphoner WCS, and the problem is solved. But after some...
  5. S

    webm -> mp4

    Приветствую. В давнем посте было указано что поставлен тикет "feature request WCS-1217" на решение проблемы с декодингом webm в mp4...
  6. A

    Артефакты на видео

    https://api.eyezon.app:8444/client/records/5f072aa60bad5a09d2d4ec33-5edf51f21db4c23abcf85ec5_1f820fa3-2f4b-42a5-9a80-ae92a9dbde66.webm Почему на видео могут быть такие артефакты ?
  7. A

    Звук на записи стрима

    Когда запускаешь стрим с huawei то запись сохраняется не в mp4, а в webm формате , при этом с битым звуком https://api.eyezon.app:8444/client/records/5ee79131642c8e72d7d0ef0e-5edf51f21db4c23abcf85ec5_3173966c-73e1-43d6-a9e2-0b85540259a9.webm , почему так происходит ?