1. smartbet

    Canvas sound quality issue

    Dear Max, we have issue with sound on mac and iPhone canvas player has some funky sound. Quality is like from radio station. Is it possible to increase quality of sound , I have looked at documentation and could not find any clue on this.
  2. P

    Не воспроизводится WebRTC в Chrome Mobile под iOS

    Коллеги, не работает воспроизведение в Chrome на iOS по WebRTC с помощью стандартного Embed-плеера. Причем под Safari iOS все великолепно работает. Сертификат приобрели. Ошибка в плеере: None of preferred MediaProviders available (скрин прикладываю) Подскажите, куда еще смотреть?
  3. H

    Transcoding running on Edge server

    I have setup a transcoder server in between origin and edge . Why is my Edge server still doing the transcoding despite pulling resources from transcoder? This is my setup.. RTMP publish to Origin Server -> Transcoder pull from Origin Server-> Edge server pull transcoder server and client...
  4. W

    WebRTC, WSPlayer automatic stop playing stream every minute

    We have issue when playing WebRTC,WSPlayer player in embed player demo for around 1-2 minutes, the playing stream always report status disconnected or failed. Additional Information 1. WebCallServer version 5.2.591 (Upgrade yesterday) 2. OBS newest version is broadcaster and stream as rtmp://...