Getting crash in iOS SDK

Manab Kumar Mal

New Member
My connection to WSS server is successful but when I am trying to publish, I am getting a crash on some thread. Even I can not understand why it is causing the crash. I am attaching the screenshots where I am getting the crash. I am using both your WSS server and mine WSS server no where it is working. BUT surprising thing is that when I tried to run in your demo code it is running with both your server and mine server. Please help. I am stuck in a loop. Did not find any help from web.
Here is the publishing stream output:

stream FPWCSApi2Stream * 0x12f30fa60 0x000000012f30fa60
NSObject NSObject
audioMuteFlag BOOL NO false
videoMuteFlag BOOL NO false
cameraOrientaionLocked BOOL NO false
_receiveAudio BOOL YES true
_receiveVideo BOOL YES true
_published BOOL YES true
_record BOOL NO false
_stopped BOOL NO false
_streamID __NSCFString * @"9DE6F7E9-5F39-43D9-A094-38B3F5AA2E15" 0x000000012b0f6a00
_mediaProvider __NSCFConstantString * @"WebRTC" 0x00000001032d70a8
_display RTCEAGLVideoView * 0x12c958b00 0x000000012c958b00
_recordFileName NSString * nil 0x0000000000000000
_remoteBitrate long 0
_networkBandwidth long 0
_status kFPWCSStreamStatus kFPWCSStreamStatusPending
_custom __NSDictionaryM * 0 key/value pairs 0x000000012b08b9b0
_callbacks __NSDictionaryM * 3 key/value pairs 0x000000012c975f80
_name __NSCFConstantString * @"manabtest" 0x00000001032a47e8
_constraints FPWCSApi2MediaConstraints * 0x12f30fae0 0x000000012f30fae0
_rtmpUrl NSString * nil 0x0000000000000000
_session FPWCSApi2Session * 0x12f20b790 0x000000012f20b790
_mediaConnection FPWCSApi2MediaConnection * nil 0x0000000000000000