Help fpr beginner, I would like to get my OnIf camera stream en my website


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Using OnIf device manager I discovered that my camera has an IP , thus there may be hope for broadcasting :)

I saw this part of code on another website
var session = Flashphoner.createSession({urlServer:"wss://"});
session.createStream({name:"rtsp://", display:myVideo}).play();
my stream would be closer to this actualy (works on vlc)
how tis code can fit in my html? do I have to make a .js file?
I'm sorry I show really low tech knowledge...


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Thank you very much. I didn't realise there would be necessity for a 24/7 server. I don't run my computer on linux, can this server be installed on raspberry pi zéro? And manages 4 cameras?


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The minimum requirements to the server are listed here: x86_64 architecture, 1 CPU core, 2 Gb RAM, 10 Gb HDD. So WCS will not work on Raspberry Pi due to ARM architecture.
There is also minimal configuration test results and recommendations on this page.