The demo player not working on ios safari through WebRTC


It is about the web.

The demo of the embed player cannot start playing our (one-way) stream on ios safari. We have server that implements your and provides our stream. We also implemented our player. The stream running oily on the most the devices but on ios there is some lag most of the time.

So ... your demo player not working on ios safari over WebRTC but working over WSPlayer.
What is the problem ? Is it related somehow to the autoplay policies ? Or it is disabled for now ?

We need to debug working player to fix our lag if it possible, so expect new questions also.

Link to the demo of the embed player :


Staff member
Please try to run Embed Player demo
over WebRTC to play the stream rtsp:// We tested right now, it works on iOS 11 in Safari.
Please provide us link to you public stream, we will check.
Also, try to run Player example, it plays streams via WebRTC by default. Is your stream played succesfully in this player?
Thanks for the replay and sorry for the delay. Much work and the holydays ...
We have more than 1 stream and I cant post none of them. So in the time I had been working with only one of our streams and only it did not work. I will research more about the problem and post soon.
For now we have new more important problems releated to our streams so I am going to create new discussions.