webrtc address book synchronization (contact list in PC)


we are developing a mobile app (ios and android) that allows to make voice calls. From the app is easy to get the contact list and get the telephone numer to dial. However we want to develop as well a web client for PC. My question is, does any webrtc framework support it?
I've been googling it , and it seems that some vendors allow it but I'm not sure is Flashphoner support something similar.

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webrtc address book synchronization (contact list in PC)
In WCS you can use two methods for exchanging data (for example, text):

1. Working with chat rooms (roomApi). This example does not require an additional backend for handling REST hooks; all functions are available in roomApi. Details with using the Conference example - in the documentation.

2. Data exchange (OnDataEvent) to backend:
- Client send an arbitrary data-object to server using the direct method session.sendData().
- WCS will invoke REST-method /OnDataEvent on backend (web-server).
- Backend send data to connected client /data/send on WCS.
- WCS sending /OnDataEvent to connected second client.
Details with connection diagrams and method examples - in the documentation.