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Hello Max,
I am going to use your Flashphoner Android SDK in my app, but I would like to use my Android Camera2 implementation to transfer frames to your WebServer(I have my custom rendering pipeline).
What are the best options to accomplish that?
Hi Alex
I purchased FlashPhonerLicence and Publish Live stream.
Now Client side I am using angular js so I put your iframe code into angularjs app.
Now Video is pausing after sometime around 1min.
If you use same iframe and add into simple html doc and play then it's working properly.
Do you faced that type of error while using angularjs?
I am getting following error when attempting to use rest api

"exception": "",
"path": "/rest-api/stream/find_all",
"error": "Not Found",
"message": "NOT FOUND",
"timestamp": 1549879963663,
"status": 404
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