1. D

    Cannot connet to my stream

    Hi, I have Web Call Server 5 on AWS. I have another Linux (Ubuntu) Server (with public IP address) which is streaming a video file over RTSP using the command below: cvlc --random --loop /home/ubuntu/Videos/test.mp4...
  2. dmitry1987

    При стриминге потока без видео он не воспроизводится на demo плеере

    Если стримить с видео то поток воспроизводится и с видео и с аудио , если же стримить поток с одним аудио то он не воспроизводится в демо плеере https://demo.flashphoner.com:8888/admin/demo.html Пример стриминга: ffmpeg -re -i screenrecord2.mov -map a -acodec mp3 -f flv...
  3. burak guder

    Is it possible to copy the audio codec for re-publish ?

    I would like to provide rtmp re-publish function to my customer. When I send the video image as h264, CPU usage is working low and well, but when I send also the audio besides the image, then the CPU increases. I think webrtc acc kodec cannot be used. How can I send the file as acc? I don’t want...
  4. richard-vd

    high quality stereo audio from server

    My source is an RTSP stream with stereo AAC audio. I want to achieve high quality stereo audio encoding in the direction of server to browser. The AAC and Opus bitrates are configurable in flashphoner.properties, but it's still mono. How can I set the Opus and AAC encoders to stereo? And it...