1. buzolive

    How to apply beauty and filter feature in live stream

    hello , i am developing a app where i integrated flashphoner ,now i need to apply beauty and filters on stream camera how can i do that ?. it can be done with flashphoner or by third party?. or is it possible to do please tell...
  2. M

    Publisher playback video black

    We started to receive complaints from a few customers on Android and iPhone with black video when publishing. Our connection workflow is the following: 1. Broadcaster open the page, video playback is shown and it connects to Flashphoner server to create the session (Video showing) 2...
  3. G

    Some of live streaming URL not working in Android System WebView

    Hi, I made Android Application for my product and only display my website in android system webview. Now In some of the Android Phone my live streaming URL is not working. Live Streaming URL is working in Desktop Chrome Browser, Mobile Phone chrome Browser but having issue in Android Phone...
  4. P

    SessionOptions for Android

    Hello, 1. on iOS, "FPWCSApi2SessionOptions" class offers "urlServer", "appKey", and "custom" parameters. 2. on Android, only "urlServer" and "renderers" are available. How about "appKey" and "custom"? 3. on Web, there is an "appKey" & "custom" fields available. "custom" field is important for...
  5. A

    Microphone Feedback in android device

    Hi I am facing an issue with android device.. When the call is in loudspeaker there is a lot of feedback when two people are talking to each other is there any way to eliminate the feedback?
  6. P

    Тихий звук с android в конференции

    Добрый день, В конференции при подключении людей с android с использованием Chrome звук с микрофона намного тише чем у остальных участников, тесты делали с разных телефонов, одно и тоже. С iPhone (safari) все ок. Что может быть?