Chrome Android 11 ICE Timeout

When I'm trying to connect to stream to my server (via wss, using WEB SDK), all it's right except in Chrome of Android 11 (only Android 11) with an "ICE Timeout" error. With any other device (included iOS, Android 10 or under and Computer), all it's correct without any problem.
Is there any bug or anything I don't know?
Thank you!

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I tried in your demo server ( using 4 different Android 11 devices and the problem repeats too.
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Good day.
Usually, the reason for ICE timeout error is media ports blocking (31001-32000/udp by default).
Please try to test using another network (Wi-Fi instead of 4G for example). Please also check if the problem persists in other browsers (Firefox etc) on the same device in the same network. If the problem persists, please check for any firewalls/VPNs/AV software on device, also check if media ports are not blocked by NAT/router.
Please also test with AppRTC and TrickleICE. If the problem is reproducing with this examples, this is definitely browser/device issue. Please read this topic for details.
Thank you for your reply.
We've did all tests and yes, the problem affect only to Android Chronium in some versions, last release included (EDGE and Google Chrome). We do an alert to users about this problem using STREAM_STATUS.FAILED event and invite to download Firefox.