1. wyvasi

    Video record issue

    Good day! We started recording a stream that was ~40 minutes but on unpublish it only returned first 90 seconds. Do you have any idea why would this happen or how to debug video recordings.
  2. sangsoo

    After stream recording, the video rotates 270 degrees

    hello. I am using the stream recording function. In recent Chrome browser version 100 (100.0.4896.75), if you play the stream after recording it, it is forcibly rotated by 270 degrees. Chrome Beta 101 version (v101.0.4951.15) and Chrome Canary 102 version (102.0.4990.2) have the same symptoms...
  3. T

    Playback Issue on Chrome for Recorded Videos

    We have just recently experienced a problem where the recorded videos are being played sideways on Chrome. The latest version of Chrome was released only 2 days ago and it has affected most of our recorded videos done through WCS. It seems unaffected by the device it was recorded on, as...
  4. sangsoo

    AMD + Chrome HA Enabled + Canvas Streaming Error

    Hello. Canvas streaming sample does not work when hardware acceleration is enabled in Chrome browser. 1. Chrome Version: 95 (95.0.4638.54) 2. PC information: - Windows 11 Pro (21H2, OS Build 22000.282) - Lenovo Legion (T530-28APR), CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + GPU AMD RX5500 3. Other information -...
  5. S

    Chrome Android 11 ICE Timeout

    Hi! When I'm trying to connect to stream to my server (via wss, using WEB SDK), all it's right except in Chrome of Android 11 (only Android 11) with an "ICE Timeout" error. With any other device (included iOS, Android 10 or under and Computer), all it's correct without any problem. Is there any...
  6. C

    Chrome resolution ramp-up

    Hi, Since Chrome 91 some WebRTC settings have been changed and with other platforms we're experiencing low quality recordings (we cannot record 1280x720px because Chrome forces a ramp-up in resolution). Are you experiencing the same problems or have you solved them somehow? We're looking for a...
  7. R

    How to publish the Live RTSP URL and play in Chrome browser

    How we can publish rtsp url for live in flashphoner using rest api and how we use it in chrome browser (video tag)
  8. P

    WebRTC:VP8 player loader keeps spinning

    Hi We have an issue with the VP8 codec that is not present in 5.2.940 but seems to have started from 5.2.944 (maybe even 5.2.942) and newer. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to reproduce. It helps leaving out H264 in the file codecs list and then starting and stopping...
  9. S

    somethin got broken between in webrtc Chrome => Safari

    Hi, I've encountered a strange issue that I have never seen before. Yesterday I've noticed that when I publish my webrtc stream from Chrome it plays OK everywhere except for Safari iOS. I tried reverting to old code and old WCS / SDK versions from 3 months ago where all was good but it didn't...
  10. R

    Не получается создать аудиоконференцию

    Добрый день! Попробовали воспользоваться готорым примером — и выставить в constraints video: false. В Safari всё работает, в Chrome падает с ошибкой: В чем может быть проблема?
  11. M

    Video stream shows a white screen on Chrome 88 - Android 10

    Hello, Since yesterday we have started receiving some complaints of users reporting white screen in the video player on Chrome 88 - Android 10. Since it is a recent Chrome version, it could be a fresh bug but we could not reproduce it in a device using the same versions. We have many users on...
  12. R

    Streaming from NVR on Chrome Browser

    Hi, We wanted to stream the live feed from NVR's and IP camera on Chrome browser using flash phoner 1. What are the formats(RTSP, rtmp, hls, mp4..... ) supported by Flashphoner to stream on Chrome browser 2. Does this supports other features like playing recorded video from NVR , PTZ...
  13. U

    Streaming FAILED

    1. Описание проблемы: - сценарий использования сервера - видеочат - признаки проблемы - не публикуется видео - откуда публикуется поток - не публикуется видео снимаемое с web-камеры, которая транслирует в браузер, это проверялось в ОС Windows 10, в браузерах Google Chrome и Opera. - чем играется...
  14. N

    Failed by ICE keepalive

    Hi flashphoner support, i'm experiencing the problem in subject. Impossible to stream caused by: "info" : "Failed by ICE keep alive" I sent mail to "" with trace in attachment. BR
  15. J

    Embed Player Problems

    Hello, we ara a paramedic communication system what is a primary service during pandemic, and from Saturday we are unable to play live videos through Embed Player it said Failed all time, the same thing using JS API. it wont work on Chrome, on Windows 10.
  16. E

    Unable to video stream on Chrome Browser Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

    Only showing black screen. web is receiving this msg with "Failed by DTLS error": { "message": "notifyStreamStatusEvent", "data": [ { "logger": { "name": "Stream", "debugEnabled": false, "traceEnabled": false...
  17. J

    Republishing edited video stream

    I'm building an app to use webrtc to capture video from web browser, stream it as RTMP stream, edited the RTMP stream using ffmpeg then forward it to FB or Instagram. To add to above, I want to re-publish the edited video stream as a new RTMP do I do that in Flashphoner/webcallserver?
  18. A

    Ошибка "Failed to parse SessionDescription" при проигрывании потока

    STR: - открыть демо-пример "Media Devices" - публикация потока: снять галочку "Send Video" - публикация потока: нажать "Connect", затем "Publish" - потребление потока: нажать "Play" Сразу же в консоли появится ошибка: "Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Failed to execute...
  19. M

    Publisher playback video black

    We started to receive complaints from a few customers on Android and iPhone with black video when publishing. Our connection workflow is the following: 1. Broadcaster open the page, video playback is shown and it connects to Flashphoner server to create the session (Video showing) 2...
  20. milan

    Android and IOS mobile broadcasting in chrome not supporting

    I want to setup one to many live video broadcasting system for all web browser and all mobile browser in web. but here issue become in mobile browser broadcasting system. i am tired to connect webrtc to rtmp. here your demo link not working in mobile chrome ios and android...