AMD + Chrome HA Enabled + Canvas Streaming Error


Canvas streaming sample does not work when hardware acceleration is enabled in Chrome browser.

1. Chrome Version: 95 (95.0.4638.54)
2. PC information:
- Windows 11 Pro (21H2, OS Build 22000.282)
- Lenovo Legion (T530-28APR), CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + GPU AMD RX5500

3. Other information
- The audio stream is ok, but the video stream is not published.
- Video codec must be H264 (for YouTube broadcasting purposes)
- Chrome Canary (97.0.4688.1) works normally
- If it is VP8 or HA Off, it operates normally.
- Refer to the following article.

4. WCS Test Server Information,
- wcs_version=5.2.1050-f4d33e913d068b99ee89307994bc9449bffc96e9
- wcs_client_version=2.0.200-00f0bfd6da9fb81a95e6445abef2d723ae6713da

This is similar to the symptoms that occurred in Chrome Canary 93 in the past.

Does Windows 11 not yet properly support AMD GPUs?
What is the problem?
please answer me.


Staff member
Good day.
1. Chrome Version: 95 (95.0.4638.54)
Unfortunately, this Windows Chrome version has a many issues with hardware acceleration: for example, video data is not send if hardware acceleration is enabled on old Intel GPUs (HD 3000-5000).
- Chrome Canary (97.0.4688.1) works normally
Does Windows 11 not yet properly support AMD GPUs?
What is the problem?
If this issue is not reproducing in Canary branch on the same hardware configuration and the same Windows build, it is definitely a Chromium bug. So we recommend to wait for fix to be available in release branch. As workaround, use VP8 to publish.