canvas streaming

  1. S

    Not able to record camera and share simultaneously real time

    Hi, we want to record camera and screen share simultaneously. We want to avoid mixer because that take post processing time while re-encoding the final mixer.mp4 file Is there any other way to achieve that ? e.g draw screen share and camera on canvas and publish that final video Thanks, Shri...
  2. marko.nastic

    Canvas streaming issue - Android Chrome

    Recording the canvas stream doesn't work on the newest Android Chrome version(104.0.5112.69). Session and stream are established and stream preview works properly in the video element flashphoner library creates, but the recording never starts. In other browsers and on other devices all work as...
  3. D

    Black Background on canvas

    Hello, i'm streaming a video with a canvas on it for the score of the match. But I don't know why the canvas always has black background. Top is the canvas, bottom is the localVideo after session created. Can u help? Davide
  4. auronsan14

    how to achieve CanvasStreaming to 1080p

    currently we use canvas streaming const constraints = { audio: false, video: false, customStream: canvStream.current, }; session .createStream({ name: streamName, display: localVideo.current, constraints, cacheLocalResources: true...
  5. sangsoo

    AMD + Chrome HA Enabled + Canvas Streaming Error

    Hello. Canvas streaming sample does not work when hardware acceleration is enabled in Chrome browser. 1. Chrome Version: 95 (95.0.4638.54) 2. PC information: - Windows 11 Pro (21H2, OS Build 22000.282) - Lenovo Legion (T530-28APR), CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + GPU AMD RX5500 3. Other information -...
  6. I

    Изображение с камеры сильно фризит при переключении вкладки.

    Здравствуйте. Версия v.2.0.198-5.2.1031 Через приложение публикуем стрим. Также, через приложение на другом браузере и ПК, его воспроизводим (микшированный поток с Edge). Воспроизводится всё относительно нормально (с небольшими фризами) до тех пор, пока публикующий не переключит вкладку...
  7. R

    Zooming from web sdk

    Is there any api functionalities where I can zoom in and zoom out from the Web sdk? Something like this: const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video: { zoom: true } });
  8. sangsoo

    Canvas Streaming Error in Chrome Canary 93

    Hello. There is an error when running the Canvas Streaming in the latest version of Chrome Canary (93.0.4549.3). - - A problem occurs when using the H264 codec. - VP8 codec works...
  9. aledg

    Stream a static image from canvas

    Hi guys, I'm using your mixer API, I want to stream a simple static image from canvas. Starting from your exemple canvas_streaming I try to change the code like this: function createCanvasStream() { var canvasContext = canvas.getContext("2d"); var canvasStream =...
  10. R

    Canvas - Capture iFrame instead a video

    Hello Max, Checking Canvas DOCs, we notice that is loading a video example file. We would like to capture an iframe div or specific div on page. How to?
  11. D

    Переключение трэков MediaStream при трансляции WebRTC потока как RTMP

    Добрый день. Стоит довольно интересная задача, с которой пока не удалось справиться полностью. Опишу сначала сетап, а потом вопросы. Текста многовато, заранее прошу прощения. Пытаемся заимплеменитить своеобразную видео студию онлайн. На клиентской стороне мы получаем активные WebRTC стримы...