Not able to record camera and share simultaneously real time

Shri Kant

New Member
we want to record camera and screen share simultaneously.
We want to avoid mixer because that take post processing time while re-encoding the final mixer.mp4 file
Is there any other way to achieve that ?
e.g draw screen share and camera on canvas and publish that final video

Shri Kant


Staff member
Good day.
You can use canvas streaming, but there are some issues in this case:
1. The browser tab where canvas element is placed, must be in foreground, otherwise there will be freezes: browser stops sending media traffic when the page goes to background.
2. The stream picture size is limited by canvas element size.
Another option is to use Multiple stream recording to one file with subsequent mixing. In this case, you do not need a realtime mixer, the resulting file will be mixed after recording is stopped.