screen sharing

  1. burak guder

    screen sharing and re-publish error

    I using rtmp-re-publish for screen share but i am losing data. FFMPEG OUT : Input #0, flv, from 'rtmp://******.com/live/rtmp_rtmp_333_share': Duration: N/A, start: 325.942000, bitrate: N/A Stream #0:0: Data: none Stream #0:1: Video: h264 (Constrained Baseline), yuv420p(progressive)...
  2. burak guder

    what is the codec of the Screen Sharing ?

    I want to share screen with re-publish (rtmp-push) feature but only h264 codec can be used because the v8 cod requires extra core usage. How do I ensure that only h264 is used in webrtc inputs?
  3. J

    Issue with Video chat and Screen sharing (two way communication)

    Hi max, I need to share both video and screen at the same time. Demo example available with flashphoner server (video chat) is not working as expected. - Firefox video and audio sharing is not working. - Chrome screen sharing is not working, (only video sharing works for publisher and...
  4. venkypokala

    Android SDK Screen Sharing Support < 26 ?

    Good Day, Screen sharing can support below 26 ( android os)?
  5. venkypokala

    Android SDK Support For Foreground Service????

    Hi, I have some question for Android SDK. we can't use in background for this sdk 1. Why Flashphoner.init(this); in activity, It's not Support Background like Whatsapp Audio call 2. Android Screen sharing is possible for one activity or entire mobile can share(like other apps)
  6. KonstantinK

    Захват экрана в Safari

    Недавно нашел что можно захватить экран не только через getUserMedia но и через navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia(that.constraints).then(function(stream) { .... }) но самое интересное что даже сафари таким образом захватывает экран - чего раньше небыло я проверил на...
  7. R

    Screen Share - High CPU usage

    Hello! We are experience on different hardwares and user locations high CPU usage once user start screenshare application. Browsers tested: Chrome & Firefox Most of time, users report 100% CPU. Is there any kind of tunning?
  8. R

    Automatic Record Desktop Sharing

    Hello! How to implement automatic record from Desktop Sharing?
  9. A

    Запуск screen sharing & conference

    Добрый день, возможно ли запускать одновременно screen sharing & conference? Если возможно можно пример? Возможно ли делать запись(recording) на сервер screen sharing? Если возможно можно пример?
  10. burak guder

    is it possible Screen sharing to rtmp re-stream ?

    Hi FlashPhoner is it possible to send screen sharing to rtmp server? can you offering sample code ? tnx