streaming of "conference with screen share"


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We are using flashphoner WCS for our application where one of our usecase is

streaming of conference content along with screen sharing

Details : for example : The stream is of 5 people conferencing along with 1 person among them sharing the screen ( 1 screen share and 5 persons video should be available)

Kindly help us with the details how we can achieve this using Flashphoner.

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Good day.
You have two options:
1. Using RoomApi. In this case, you can arrange a conference and publish a screen sharing stream as usual stream. Please look at Video Chat with ScreenSharing example (and its source code on GitHub). Please also read step by step guide about video conferencing with RoomApi here, and step by step guide about screen sharing here.
In this case, more participants, more channel bandwidth required because every participant should play all the other participants streams plus screen share stream.
2. Using MCU mixer. In this case, you sholud mix all the participants streams and screen share stream to one stream. Every participant should play its own stream with all the videos, but without its own audio to prevent echo. Please read this article about plractical implementation of MCU video conference with screen sharing.
In this case, more server resources (CPU and memory) will be required for mixing streams: 2 CPU per one 720p mixer or 3 CPU per 1080p mixer.