1. A

    Mixer recording terminating

    Hi there We are facing an issue in our mixer recording where connectig 2 video calls using the room API. Suddenly the mixer stops the recording in back end maybe due to bandwidth degradation and do not resume but the call continues with both video users. Is there any way to continue the mixer...
  2. G

    Mixed video file

    Hello guys, is it possible to somehow put something like a picture in the final mixed file so when participant turn off his camera during the conference it's not just a black square on his spot in that video file?
  3. djuka

    Mixer text - can't remove room name from stream label text

    I use off line mixer to join streams into one video file. But, room name always appears in the front of stream label text. I tried: "mixerTextDisplayRoom": false in offline-mixer.json and mixer_text_display_room=false in flashphoner.properties and no change, room name is always there. How to...
  4. hyuk

    mixer question

    Is there anything I should be aware of when using the Mixer API? For reference, video transmission and reception are working without problems. The mixer API doesn't work, so I simply requested mixer/startup, but I get a binding error. Error attached. Please confirm.
  5. L

    Feature Request - Mixer Animated Background

    Hi You are doing an excellent job with features for the mixers enabling content creators to deliver an excellent type of broadcast. One feature that would be excellent to add is the ability to implement an animated mixer background. It could be a video looped that can be added in the...
  6. L

    Feature Request

    Hi I was wondering if possible to add a transition(I.e. Fading) when adding/removing a stream to the mixer, that would add a much more professional look when using this feature to create a presentation. Please let me know Thank you Luca
  7. S

    Layout cropped in screen share (while sharing browser tab)

    Hello, I am using custom layout e.g 2_participants.desktopmix ************************************************************ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <body> <row height="50%" align="INLINE_VERTICAL_CENTER"> <div width="1col" height="100%" align="INLINE_HORIZONTAL_CENTER">...
  8. L

    Error Messages in the logs for Mixer

    Hi We recently started to experience some strange behaviour with our WCS server: 1. Users randomly getting disconnected from conference Rooms 2. User stream stopping after sometimes it has been added to the mixer(the stream stopping is inside the mixer, the origin stream is fine), this...
  9. Shiga

    Не отображаются видео стримы в MCU.

    Добрый день, при добавление в микшер видео стирма, в MCU микшере он не отображается, хотя через rest-api/mixer/find_all показывает что он в микшере, при проигрывании видео стирма отдельно все ок. WCS v.2.0.225-5.2.1481 Что менялось в flashphoner.properties: mixer_realtime=true...
  10. Alesia Bondar

    Нагрузка при функции SFU с поддержкой Simulcast или MCU

    Добрый вечер, подскажите, пожалуйста что предпочтительнее использовать sfu или mcu в случае: 1. Митинга (юзеры публикуют свой поток, прослушивают другие) 2. Вебинара (спикеры публикуют поток и прослушивают другие (до 15 спикеров), остальные участники вебинара только прослушивают). У нас могут...
  11. S

    custom mixer layout

    Hello, Suppose we have following layouts: 1_participants.desktopmix 2_participants.desktopmix 3_participants.desktopmix 1_participants.mix 2_participants.mix 3_participants.mix As per your documentation to test the 2_participants.mix layout , we have to use the below command: bash...
  12. S

    Multiple mixer in one session

    Hi, For one room session, we want to stream two RTMP with two different layouts i.e one in portrait mode and other one in landscape mode. And as per the flashphoner documentation, we can any customized layout by using custom mixer Layout...
  13. wyvasi

    Mixer doesn't show any video

    Good day! after I start mixer and add video/audio stream. Only audio is working. /mixer/startup { "hasVideo": "true", "hasAudio": "true", "localStreamName": "joe", "uri": "mixer://joe" } mixer/add { "uri": "mixer://joe", "remoteStreamName": "video" } Can you tell me what I am...
  14. P

    Mixer PiP flickering

    Hello, I have just updated to 1440 and noticed that when a mixer is in PiP mode - there is some weird flickering. It wasn't like this before in previous versions - everything was smooth. The log shows this: 7:29:19,823 INFO D -...
  15. KaranBhansali91

    How to reduce post processing of recorded file in room ?

    Hi, We are using mixer to create room session(one participant) with recording enabled , after end of room session , multi-recorder___dummy.mp4 generates the multi-recorder___dummy_mixed.mp4 , however flashphoner is taking too much time to generate the mixed file. For example 30 minutes...
  16. L

    RTMP Pull video's Audio/Video breaking when added to mixer

    Hi After I pull an RTMP video from a Wowza server and add it to the mixer, the video and audio are breaking and they are almost unusable, is there anything specific I should do to make it work? The Wowza and the WCS servers are on the same network so latency should not be an issue. Here is a...
  17. Alesia

    Размещение картинок потоков в микшере при помощи языка разметки - desktop

    Добрый день, нам нужно разместить потоки с десктопом таким образом: (на данный момент мы имеем приближенную версию, но аудио и видео стримы слишком большие и уменьшить мы их не можем, так как они должны быть такого размера, когда десктопа нет) В архивах FullscreenDesktopLayout.tar.gz и...
  18. Shiga

    Микширование потоков.

    У нас есть микшер. Мы добавляем туда отдельно аудио, отдельно видео потоки. Но когда мы проигрываем минус аудио микшер( чтобы не было эхо), минусовой микшер проигрывается без видео. Подскажите пожалуйста почему?
  19. L

    Capturing VOD from a file

    Hi I am trying to implement a feature that lets me add a stream a VOD file to a mixer, however I wold like to also add the functionality to pause the video stream and start it from the beginning when its tie to push it into the mixer Is this possible? Thank you in advance for your response...
  20. L

    Mixers Disappearing shortly after creation

    Hi After I create a mixer using the REST API after a random amount of time, the rest-api/mixer/find_all cannot find that mixer, it just disappears, what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for your help Best Luca