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  • Добрый день! Нужна помощь в настройке флешфонера. (В кластере кубернатов созданы 3 пода: origin, edge, transcoder. Все видят друг друга и трансляция с origin работает, а если запрашивать с edge - то нет.)

    Нужен человек, который поможет нам решить эти вопросы. Хорошо заплатим.
    Писать в телеграмм: @Western_City
    Скайп: live: .cid.5ffa6b108438ca7d
    Hello Max,
    I am going to use your Flashphoner Android SDK in my app, but I would like to use my Android Camera2 implementation to transfer frames to your WebServer(I have my custom rendering pipeline).
    What are the best options to accomplish that?
    I am getting following error when attempting to use rest api

    "exception": "",
    "path": "/rest-api/stream/find_all",
    "error": "Not Found",
    "message": "NOT FOUND",
    "timestamp": 1549879963663,
    "status": 404
    Hi There! i'm trying to test my RTSP URl in player but i got failed message everytime. can you suggest that what's going wrong with RTSP URL?
    Hello! I didn't find how to test WSS stream on IOS (Safari). I opened https://x.x.x.x::8888/client/examples/demo/vow-player/vow-player.html in Safari, inserted my flashphoner server URL - wss://x.x.x.x:8443, tryied to "Connect" and got "FAILED". Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Can you suggest??
    Thank you in advance.
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