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    The ROOM_EVENT.PUBLISHED event occurred, but the video cannot be played.

    Good day. Seems like the client has a channels of different quality to server A and server B. Please try to use a lower resolution/bitrate to publish a stream var constraints = { audio: true, video: { width: 320, height: 240, maxBitrate...
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    AWS market place

    We checked the server. Seems like it is working now: The license used is AWS license, and it is correctly checked by license server (otherwise, streaming will not work) Seems you've migrated the instance to AWS license successfully.
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    AWS market place

    Hello Try to omit "step 3" and revert back your backed up license file /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/flashphoner.license AWS Marketplace instance has its own built-in license so this step seems incorrect. Yes, please send SSH and point to backup folder where we can find backup...
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    AWS market place

    Please clarify what exactly needs to be checked?
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    WCS in docker ICE candidate timeout

    Good day. Failed by ICE timeout message means that media ports (31001-32000/UDP by default) are not accessible in the container. Please read this article about docker container setup to be accessible from external network.
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    No free ports available

    По предоставленным логам видно, что проблема все же в настройках IP адресов. В файле прописаны следующие адреса Однако, по ifconfig мы видим следующие адреса Очевидно, что адрес, указанный в ip_local, отсутствует на сервере. Эта настройка используется для привязки всех...
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    No free ports available

    Обычно такая ошибка происходит, если IP адреса в конфиге /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/ указаны некорректно Примеры правильного указания IP-адресов: 1) Локальный адрес, но внешний адрес, т.к. сервер находится за NAT. ip=
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    No free ports available

    Добрый день. Пожалуйста, обновите WCS до последней сборки (5.2.1277 в данный момент). Если проблема продолжает воспроизводиться, соберите отчет, как описано здесь, при помощи скрипта Архив вышлите при помощи этой формы. Если размер архива достигает 30 Мб и более, выложите его на...
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    Permission issue when launching WCS service

    This is the only way to set permissions sudo ./webcallserver set-permissions The command checks all the default directories and all the directories set in file. If the command does not work, please provide SSH access to the server where the command does not set permissions...
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    Remove support for arm64 (VALID_ARCHS) to run on M1 mac models

    The to=icket depends on two other tickets WCS-3517 (removing unnecessary dependencies, testing) and WCS-3526 (converting FPWCSApi2 to xcframework, developing). May be the first decade of July.
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    Server issue

    Good day. Please clarify the folowing: 1. Is the problem persists after WCS restart? systemctl restart webcallserver 2. If the server works normally after restart, how much time passed before the problem occurs? If restart does not help, please collect a report using script and send...
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    Permission issue when launching WCS service

    We checked the server. Seems like there was a WCS process started from command line. After the following steps: sudo /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/bin/webcallserver stop sudo systemctl restart webcallserver WCS is running and CLI is accessible
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    Payment Issue

    Hello The monthly license is a Subscription. Normally you have exactly one Monthly Subscription License and exactly one License key. You can renew your subscription manually or enable auto-renewal. If you can't renew the subscription, please contact with - billing email -...
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    Permission issue when launching WCS service

    WCS is not started on server: you've made a copy of flashphoner.properies file as root, so permissions must be fixed: sudo /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/bin/webcallserver set-permissions sudo systemctl restart webcallserver Then CLI should be available.
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    Android SDK setResolution

    The model has Android 10 (OneUI 2.5) at start (and may be has update to Android 11). On Android 8 and higher we strongly recommend to use Android SDK 1.1 which has a newer WebRTC library vesion comparing to Android SDK 1.0. The latest build is Please also try to reproduce the issue...