1. djuka

    Multi-stream recording issue

    I have a multi-stream recording finished as *.mp4.tmp file. The file is not playable. The mixer did not process mixing, probably because the file was incorrect or the session was not closed. How can I fix this file?
  2. A

    Mixer recording terminating

    Hi there We are facing an issue in our mixer recording where connectig 2 video calls using the room API. Suddenly the mixer stops the recording in back end maybe due to bandwidth degradation and do not resume but the call continues with both video users. Is there any way to continue the mixer...
  3. hyuk

    record problem question

    Hi, It's live, but there's an issue where the video isn't actually saved, so I'd like to ask a few questions. About 2 out of 10 cases are not saved on the server where the problem occurred. It looks like on_record_hook wasn't even called. The version in use is 5.2.1665. What is special is that...
  4. hyuk

    record issue

    hi.. The video was transmitted normally, but there is no saved video, so please contact us. The video was transmitted from the room with the room name 230524G8zIGOsk and the transmitted video was confirmed. But there is no saved video. Is there anything that could be the cause? The video...
  5. T

    On Record Hook Script not triggering

    Hello We are having an issue with our media server where recorded webm videos are not triggering the on_record_hook script. The codec priority in the sever is set to the default, favouring h264 over vp8 but we are aware that webm videos will on occasion come through which is why we originally...
  6. A

    Unable to record

    Hi there, Our customer suddenly facing problems in mixer recording functionality, we have even upgraded the WCS to the new release v.2.0.225-5.2.1466-d00e431de887895576796b78d156de886608eab2 but still the recordings are not saved... we are using the video-chat API and auto mixer recording...
  7. S

    Not able to record camera and share simultaneously real time

    Hi, we want to record camera and screen share simultaneously. We want to avoid mixer because that take post processing time while re-encoding the final mixer.mp4 file Is there any other way to achieve that ? e.g draw screen share and camera on canvas and publish that final video Thanks, Shri...
  8. P

    stream/startRecording event

    Hello, any time a client SDK publishes a stream (regardless if it's recording to not) WCS raises an event - usually it's StreamStatusEvent. However, when issuing a record command for a stream using rest-api - no event occurs. How do I know when a recording command has been issued on a stream...
  9. A

    recording at another location

    Hi we have added a space and mounted a new folder on our WCS server now we would like to record the mixer recording video files (MP4) at other location, for this we have defined a parameter record_folder = /newdir in the config file, but it is not taking effect even we have restarted the...
  10. A

    Recording space not available on server

    Hi there Is there any method available to check if the recording is not being done by mixer due to Recording space not available on server drive? We are using video chat API with auto mixer based recording enabled, but when the recording space gets full our application does not know about...
  11. Dani

    Error in saving the stream

    Last night we had a strange error for 90 min (which resolved itself) The video stream (that has only sound) was not recorded correctly. All the files are 4K in size. any idea what might caused that ? I'm attaching one sample file.
  12. T

    on_record_hook script taking too long

    Hello We are trying to use the on_record_hook script to post-process our recorded streams with ffmpeg and then copy the processed videos to an S3 bucket. However we are getting an issue on the front end where the user completes the recording but is waiting a long time for the...
  13. Shiga

    Запись кастомизированных на клиенте теплейтов

    Добрый день. Подскажите пожалуйста как правильно реализовать рекординг? В моем случае, мы реализовал на клиентской стороне темплейты в виде разметки с видео элементами в которые вставляем видио\десктоп стримы и отдельно воспроизводим аудио миксер всех участников конференции. Сейчас мы...
  14. A

    mixer recording not performed

    Hi there We are using video chat API with auto mixer based recording using WCS version v.2.0.212-5.2.1140-7ce4ffa8483526ce9bd4c94fe80ab0247659e3d5 We have noticed that since we have updated the version there is a recording issue occurring and many times there are no videos recorded in files...
  15. snark13

    Проблема с сохранением видео

    После апгрейда WCS с версии 572 на 1222 перестал вызываться на окончание записи фрагмента видео При изучении логов - обнаружено что при закрытии файлов с записью возникает исключение и дальше соответственно скрипт не отрабатывает Фрагмент логов - 09:16:30,048 ERROR...
  16. P

    VOD seek

    Howdy, as far as I understand, the VOD service merely starts a live stream on a file - so that the client plays/subscribes to a recorded stream that is streamed as live. - Is that correct? If it's correct - how do I seek for a recorded file player with VOD? VOD merely starts a stream from the...
  17. P

    Always record in mp4

    Howdy, currently, when doing tests with all sorts of SDKs, we have noticed that JS/iOS SDKs record video in mp4 format. However, Android SDK records in webm. Can make sure Android records in mp4 too? We tried to strip codecs, when we strip vp8 - the video is recorded in flv. When we strip vp8...
  18. wyvasi

    Video record issue

    Good day! We started recording a stream that was ~40 minutes but on unpublish it only returned first 90 seconds. Do you have any idea why would this happen or how to debug video recordings.
  19. sangsoo

    After stream recording, the video rotates 270 degrees

    hello. I am using the stream recording function. In recent Chrome browser version 100 (100.0.4896.75), if you play the stream after recording it, it is forcibly rotated by 270 degrees. Chrome Beta 101 version (v101.0.4951.15) and Chrome Canary 102 version (102.0.4990.2) have the same symptoms...
  20. T

    Playback Issue on Chrome for Recorded Videos

    We have just recently experienced a problem where the recorded videos are being played sideways on Chrome. The latest version of Chrome was released only 2 days ago and it has affected most of our recorded videos done through WCS. It seems unaffected by the device it was recorded on, as...