ice timeout

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    Flashphoner.init() multiple times

    Hi! Using WebSDK, I use this init in "play live video" function: Flashphoner.init({ preferredMediaProviders:["MSE","WebRTC"] }); Then I've got another function to "stream live video" started by: Flashphoner.init(); Well, if I "stream live video" and then "play live video", the play video...
  2. Pin

    Problem with WCS on AWS E2

    Hi, First, I'm newbie on AWS. I have setup EC2 with Elastic IP and new domain name. Both are work as normal, it can access from the internet. But, I have problem on Streamer menu after Start, it runing the error "Failed by ICE timeout" Here is all allowed inbound ports. Please advice...
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    Stream is not playing

    While i am checking the stream I am getting the error like session is not initialized or terminated on play ordinary stream.
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    Chrome Android 11 ICE Timeout

    Hi! When I'm trying to connect to stream to my server (via wss, using WEB SDK), all it's right except in Chrome of Android 11 (only Android 11) with an "ICE Timeout" error. With any other device (included iOS, Android 10 or under and Computer), all it's correct without any problem. Is there any...
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    Проблема записи с телефона Samsung

    Ещё раз добрый день Клиент пишет (вернее пытается) сделать запись с телефона samsung. Браузер chrome. Пробовали wi-fi и сотовую связь. В обоих вариантах получаем Failed by ICE timeout. Полный лог прилагаю.
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    Не удается запустить WCS: ошибки "Session is not initialized or terminated on play ordinary stream" и "Failed by ICE timeout".

    Добрый день! Пытаемся распробовать ваш Web Call Server 5, но получается не очень. :( Установил Centos7. По инструкции инсталлировал триальную версию Web Call Server 5, активировал, все запускается нормально, но на стадии тестирования на пункте "Two-Way Streaming " сразу лезут ошибки и Session...
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    Azure Failed by ICE timeout

    I am setting up WCS5 in an Azure environment. When I test it with the streamer on the demo page, the following error occurs. FAILED Failed by ICE timeout What should I set? The port is set as documented.
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    WebRTC stream not publishing in Firefox

    Hi, WebRTC Stream publishing in firefox getting failed whereas it works in Chrome. When I checked with server logs, the stream failed due to "ICE timeout" Please check the log messages below: 07:23:24,610 INFO Component - STUN-UDP-pool-44-thread-63 Add remote candidate for...