1. S

    custom mixer layout

    Hello, Suppose we have following layouts: 1_participants.desktopmix 2_participants.desktopmix 3_participants.desktopmix 1_participants.mix 2_participants.mix 3_participants.mix As per your documentation to test the 2_participants.mix layout , we have to use the below command: bash...
  2. kevins

    Join Webex Meeting and Republish as RTMP

    Hello, We cannot figure out how to join a Webex, or zoom, meeting from WCS5. What value needs to be provided for the Callee? Also what setting are required for the sip server and proxy? Are these required as WCS5 doesn't register with a sip server in this case, just join as a sip endpoint...
  3. Sukwon Choi

    Planar YUV 4:2:0 format not supported.

    Hi, I'm using WCS in AWS Marketplace to stream multiple ip camera video though rtsp in our web platform. However, I found that some rtsp url failed to stream with WCS. (It works perfectly with VLC) After several tests, I found that among videos using the H264 codec, videos using the YUV 4:2:0...
  4. S

    On Conference input camera and mic switching and output audio switching

    Hi, For conference we are using canvas media stream, Once conference started we want to give the option to our user to switch input camera / mic and output audio device switching feature. Is there any way to switch the media device on conference canvas streaming. Regards, Sandeep
  5. EvgenyAnycam

    Web Call Server on digital ocean

    Добрый день. Инсталлировал дроплет WCS в понедельник, 31.10, все отлично работало. Сегодня на демо-странице получаю сообщение License period is expired Thu Nov 03 03:49:16 UTC 2022 Wed Nov 30 00:00:00 UTC 2022 Wed Jan 01 00:00:00 UTC 3000 Верно ли я понимаю, что триальный период закончился...
  6. A

    SFU - Подвисают видеопотоки

    Добрый день Коллеги, очень странное поведение видеопотоков в примере "Client", помогите разобраться. В двух соседних вкладках браузера Chrome открываю приложение "Client", оно подключается к комнате и начинает отправлять/получать перекрестно видеотрэки. Картинка через разные промежутки времени...
  7. DeanSLR

    Webcallserver in docker - Failed to connect to rtsp stream

    Hello, I'm running a WCS instance via docker on MAC and followed this guide: Now, I'm able to ping the container, and login to the web instance on after configuring all the docker network stuff. In...
  8. Mike John

    How to stream to YouTube

    Problems have arisen when I try to live-stream flash phone to YouTube. All other Rtmp outputs function normally; only YouTube is a problem child. moto x3m
  9. Дияс

    Ошибка при активации

    При попытке активировать возникает следующая проблема root@server2:/usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1440/bin# ./ ------------------------------ Flashphoner License Activation ------------------------------ Please, enter your License Number...
  10. P

    Mixer PiP flickering

    Hello, I have just updated to 1440 and noticed that when a mixer is in PiP mode - there is some weird flickering. It wasn't like this before in previous versions - everything was smooth. The log shows this: 7:29:19,823 INFO D -...
  11. P

    Failed by DTLS error

    Hello, I'm facing a rather weird situation of random "Failed by DTLS error" error. It happens from time to time and can't be tracked as to what's happening or what's wrong. I'm using WCS on a local network. First attachment is a successful stream publishing, second attachment - failed. The only...
  12. S

    Conference host and participant limitation

    Hi team, I have below query on conference section. 1) Is there any way to identify the conference host and participant (like, who is host of the conference and who are the participant of the conference). 2) We want to restrict the number participant to join the conference, for example we...
  13. S

    WCS 5.2.1431 Firefox 320x240 H264 stream not working

    Just updated WCS to 5.2.1431 and tested it with the demo tools. Using Firefox 105.0.2 tried the Two way streaming demo. It fails although without errors. Publishing seems to work, clicking on Available reports that the stream is indeed available, and it also said 'Playing', but no stream is...
  14. P

    Multiple IPs for multiple NICs

    Hello, does WCS support multiple IP addresses from multiple NICs along with multiple domains on a single VPS/VDS? At the moment anytime I upload an SSL certificate for a new domain - it overwrites the previous one. Thanks, P
  15. P

    WCS 1421 mixer terminate not working

    Howdy, for some reason when trying to terminate mixer on 1421, I get this weird error http://domain:8081/rest-api/mixer/startup { "localStreamName": "test2", "uri": "mixer://m_abc2" } http://domain:8081/rest-api/mixer/terminate { "uri": "mixer:///m_abc2" } And this is the...
  16. P

    Screen share video with mixer

    Hello, I'm facing a weird behaviour of mixer: when I'm publishing a WebSDK screen share stream I can view it in the player but when adding it to mixer - nothing shows up. Any clue as to why this is happening? I'm using a built-in mixer setup. Thanks, P
  17. P

    Некорректное воспроизведение в embed player

    После обновления до версии 5.2.1413 перестал нормально работать ember player. Стартует нормально, но после резвертки в полный экран видим только "черный квадрат", если вернуть в исходный размер, все так же черный квадрат, если после нажать стоп/старт начинает работать нормально и во фрейме и в...
  18. P

    Head tracking

    Hello, TikTok has got a Head Tracking functionality that allows for different 2d/3d visual affects. Can this be done with WCS SDKs? I know there is an option of displaying multiple videos with mixer as well as watermarks. How about tracking? Thanks, P
  19. sangsoo

    Problem when rotating the phone (90 degrees to the left) in Safari on iPhone (iOS16)

    Hello When the phone is rotated (left 90 degrees) in Safari on iPhone (iOS16), the phone cam looks distorted. A right 90 degree rotation is normal. - ----- My WCS Version info-----...
  20. ajayalag1974

    Stop inactive published RTMP streams which are auto published on demand using FFMpeg

    Hi, I have written my web server code which when user visits the streaming page checks if streaming exist by name via "/rest-api/stream/find", if not it publishes rtmp stream using ffmpeg command, command is executed via child_process spawn method in nodejs (ffmpeg -re -i...