1. KirillMosiyenko

    SIP Failed но клиент Esteblished

    Добрый день! Через SIP PHONE пытаюсь подключиться к СИП серверу Астериск. Пишет что подключение Esteblished но не работает. При звонке FAILED Данные для теста Sip login 101 и 103 PSW 12345
  2. hyuk

    mobile ios 15.1 safari publish error

    There is a problem when broadcasting live with this sample. Versions below mobile ios 14 do not seem to have any problems. The page is reconnected without any errors before the camera is connected. If I put h264 in stripcodecs it works. What is the problem? When transcoding, the cpu share is...
  3. auronsan14

    how to achieve CanvasStreaming to 1080p

    currently we use canvas streaming const constraints = { audio: false, video: false, customStream: canvStream.current, }; session .createStream({ name: streamName, display: localVideo.current, constraints, cacheLocalResources: true...
  4. S

    docker image multi_arch x86/arm64

    Hi, Do you guys planning to release a multi arch image for x86 and ARM architectures ? Or are thee a arm64 version of docker image ? best regards Piotr
  5. auronsan14

    OBS to RTMP Flashphoner to push/startup failed

    while publishing from obs failed when try add push startup with same name [ { "appKey": "flashStreamingApp", "sessionId": "", "mediaSessionId": "9a991c81-7b5f-4f51-aa5e-464f44e837c1", "name": "stream1", "published": true, "hasVideo": true...
  6. N

    I cannot play rtmp from one of my servers

    attacching the error from ffmpeg . What could be the problem?
  7. Dani

    unable to mux webm

    everything worked ok until Dec 5, then - whenever I try to mux the flashphoner output I get this error: ffmpeg -i sh.webm -itsoffset -0.05 -i sh_s.webm -r 30 test.mp4 ffmpeg version 3.4.9 Copyright (c) 2000-2021 the FFmpeg developers built with gcc 4.8.5 (GCC) 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-44)...
  8. P

    Incoming voice issue on webrtc sip call

    Hello, We have an issue while using demo interface for testing. In the phone interface we entered our sip details and made call. The voice of mine is going well to called user, however the voice of tha user is not well in our side. The voice is not understandable, not clear and dashed. Is...
  9. M

    How to split local camera preview and streaming in webRTC streaming?

    Hello! Related to the demo "client2/examples/demo/streaming/streamer/streamer.html" I would like to only display the local camera view and starting streaming with a second action. I still was not able to adjust the code to realize this. I tried to double a lot of function but this is a stupid...
  10. djuka

    iOS15.1.1 websocket issue

    Hi Max, I have an issue with WebSocket communication with Safari client on iPhone 12 iOS 15.1.1. They have changed something in the new firmware version and now WebSocket connection drops immediately after the connection started. I found some solution on the net and it reflects to disable...
  11. N

    Cannot access web interface

    Hi I cannot access admin panel of webcall server. It's like it's not started. When I do netstat the ports 8444 and 8081 are not listening.
  12. M

    Prometheus SIP metrics details

    Hi, we are integrating our WCS with Prometheus. I've been searching for the detail of the metrics , I mean, if the values are gauges, counters, etc, but I didn't found toomuch info. Most of all we are interested in SIP calls monitoring , and I see these values: -----Call Stats-----...
  13. hyuk

    Internal turn question

    Hi, When using the internal turn server, it was confirmed that the port can only be used with tcp. As I checked while changing the options in, the turn server does not operate normally if the option ice_tcp_transport=true is set. Any reason?
  14. M

    SIP phone is working, Video Demos are not

    Hello! Since ages I am using the WCS for managing SIP phone calls. Also on the default demo dashboard I can use the SIP phone demo successfully. Also for ages I did not use any video streaming with the WCS (I think I did it successfully some years ago but I am not totally sure). But for a new...
  15. D

    High CPU utilization after undefined events

    Hi, We observe high jumps in the loading of the CPU process from the Flashphoner. The problem occurs either on all servers at once or on several nodes separately. Undefined events take place in the interval 00:00 - 01:00 UTС on all servers, after the events, the use of the processor by the...
  16. Dani

    systemctl restart webcallserver hangs b/c of chown process

    When I restart webcallserver it will not get restarted. looks like there is a chown process running by the flashphoner user on the log folder, that doesn't end. the only solution I've found is to kill the chown process and then webcallserver starts. is there a way to prevent it ?
  17. Dani

    Illegal cert for playback after replacement

    I've replaced the certificate on the server via admin. The new certificate is showing on the 8888 port, but on the 18081 port that we use for playing it still has the old one. How can I fix it ?
  18. A

    Не паблишится стрим без включенного видео

    После обновления сервера стримов до версии 5.2.1083 не получается паблишить стрим только с включённым аудио
  19. wyvasi

    Services stop working after 1 week

    Good day! Services stop working after 1 week. I have looked into the logs but I didn't notice anything strange. Services stopped working on 3 out of 4 servers and we run WCS inside docker. I added a report. Thanks!
  20. M

    License error after updating WCS

    Hello! I have a monthly paid license since ages (including sip features). But after updating the WCS from 5.2.591 to 5.2.1054 I always get licence errors in my logs (and cannot use the WCS of course). I had switched from the old to the new installed version first by cd...