1. C

    No free ports available

    Не могу запустить трансляцию упирается в ошибку "No free ports available", Сервер Centos 7
  2. Alesia

    Корректная настройка

    Добрый день, при большой нагрузке в аудио микшере есть задержка около 2-3 секунды (Мы поставили буферизацию в 700, чтобы избежать прерываний в звуке у пользователей с низким интернетом - это помогло, но 700 ms не равно 2-3 секунды). Еще периодически стрим аудио может просто "удалиться" из аудио...
  3. hyuk

    Classification of participant's transmission type

    Hi, I am using the conference room api. Currently, it is divided into a participant who transmits video and a participant who transmits only audio. Participants who transmit only video are displayed on the screen and those who only transmit audio are hidden from the screen. To distinguish...
  4. sangsoo

    How to get real-time stat information of conference

    hello. We did a load test referring to a recent blog post. 1. What kind of server do you need to run a thousand WebRTC streams? 2. 10 Important WebRTC Streaming Metrics and Configuring Prometheus + Grafana Monitoring 3. WebRTC Back and Forth -----Version info-----...
  5. F


    Hello @Max How are you? We are your old customer. W had cancelled that service 3 years ago due to some other features, Now we want to again use that feature. We have installed web call server 5.2 on our server but its not going live to Facebook. Can you please check our server. I have emailed...
  6. A

    mixer recording not performed

    Hi there We are using video chat API with auto mixer based recording using WCS version v.2.0.212-5.2.1140-7ce4ffa8483526ce9bd4c94fe80ab0247659e3d5 We have noticed that since we have updated the version there is a recording issue occurring and many times there are no videos recorded in files...
  7. Dani

    After upgrading flashphoner can't get it to work

    I've used the automatic update for WebCallServer - try to start with systemctl start get me these errors: ● webcallserver.service - Flashphoner WebCallServer Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/webcallserver.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code)...
  8. P

    Recorded file transcoder

    Howdy, I was curious if WCS can be used for recorded files transcoding. For example, on some Android devices, files are stored as VP8/webm. We would like to transcode those files to H264/AAC. Is this possible with WCS or should we go with ffmpeg? Thanks, P
  9. P


    Возможно ли установить пароль на просмотр статистики https://domail.tld/?action=stat
  10. andrew.n

    Remove support for arm64 (VALID_ARCHS) to run on M1 mac models

    @Max There is a compatibility issue with FlashPhoner SDK on M1 architecture. I still can run the project from Xcode on my iPhone, but if I try to run it on the simulator is not working anymore. (Everything works ok on my intel MacBook, the issue only happens on M1)...
  11. D

    ошибка публикации RTMP

    Не могу опубликовать поток rtmp, в логах запись об ошибке. Поток формирую в c++ с помощью avlib. Возможно что-то не хватает в заголовках в свойствах видеопакета , не могу понять, чего. 04:30:00,646 ERROR ServerHandler - RTMP-pool-22-thread-25 RTMP error {}[id: 0x50fe404c...
  12. wyvasi

    CDN prossesing state Unknown

    Good day! I get Processing state unknown for some cdn nodes. What I did: I added new edge server and it doesn't play stream from some origin servers. I tried the reset inbond/outboud endpoints with no help also tried different origin dns as default entry_point. What shoud I try to fix this? WCS...
  13. V

    Stream lags for stream with iOS 15.4.1 (latest version)

    Hello. If I play a stream (from any device) that is published from iPhone with IOS 15.4.1, I see video interrupting (lags). Before iPhone updating everything was fine. It was with WCS-iOS-SDK-2.6.80 The problem was reproducing in both Two Way Streaming Swift application and Two Way Streaming...
  14. T

    Issue with Custom WebSocket Port on WCS 5.2.1181

    Hello I am trying to upgrade the WebCallServer on AWS to 5.2.1181, however testing on the demo's Stream Recording page I immediately get a 'Failed' status upon trying to start the streaming: (Redacted URL in textbox) We are doing the upgrade so that we get the fix for the display...
  15. P

    REST-API Authorization

    Howdy, on this page it is described how to turn on authorisation for rest apis. I was searching but couldn't find an example on how to use "authorised" rest api calls. Without any params I'm getting...
  16. McSeemZ

    не включается функционал Screen share на Safari

    Добрый день. При попытке запустить screen share в консоли Safari появляется ошибка. В Хроме ошибки не возникает 12:14:10 WARN core - TypeError: Type error getDisplayMedia ...дальше в трейсе ссылки на webpack сборку promiseReactionJob Судя по коду, это соответствует функции...
  17. sangsoo

    After stream recording, the video rotates 270 degrees

    hello. I am using the stream recording function. In recent Chrome browser version 100 (100.0.4896.75), if you play the stream after recording it, it is forcibly rotated by 270 degrees. Chrome Beta 101 version (v101.0.4951.15) and Chrome Canary 102 version (102.0.4990.2) have the same symptoms...
  18. DeanSLR

    Cant access admin in WCS

    Hi, I have a webcallserver and cant access admin:admin in ssh nor https. I changed the conf/database.yml file and used service restart webcallserver but still doesnt work.
  19. P

    Asterisk with flashphoner simultaneous extention call not working and outbound call ring tone not playing

    Hello, We are using flashphoner with asterisk freepbx. We have two majer problem: 1. When extentions try to call eachother over flashphoner 2 or more simultaneous connection can't establish. Just one call can establish and others get not extention avaliable response. We tried similar scenario...
  20. auronsan14

    youtube multistream

    seems youtube rejected the multistream I dont know why after 30 seconds got closed. but via obs work normal ``` { "mediaSessionId": "", "streamName": "rtmp_73fe7866-d8a3-47df-a998-db60945006fd", "rtmpUrl": "rtmp://", "rtmpFlashVersion"...