1. S

    "Stopped by session disconnect"

    We are having a issue streaming externally on customer network. We had all firewalls disabled and captured a good working internal scenario and a failed external scenario. Logs are showing this when failing: OBJECT: { "nodeId" : "mB8C1N1RLLpg0D1KI1xl87rX1RduM7BD@", "appKey"...
  2. pride

    RTSP KeyFrame

    Добрый день, могу ли я управлять количеством ключевых кадров в потоке RTSP (h264) c WCS? WebRTC -> RTSP -> Стороний приемник потока
  3. sangsoo

    Problem joining the same Room twice with the same name while hooking RoomApp

    Hi there. I am hooking the RoomApp ConnectionStatusEvent to handle abnormal termination (chrome tab closing) while joining a conference (Room). Basically, it works fine, but there is a problem when joining the same Room twice with the same name. -----Version info-----...
  4. M

    SIP video call from WCS can't hear audio of audio file was play from SIP server

    Hi admin, I have a call script that is called internal when a sip peer (8001) calls to extensions (999999) it goes to IVR, here will play audio. Then goes to queue (2000), the queue has music on hold (moh). Next connects to sip peer (8000). I tested SIP audio call and the video call does not...
  5. djuka

    Mixer text - can't remove room name from stream label text

    I use off line mixer to join streams into one video file. But, room name always appears in the front of stream label text. I tried: "mixerTextDisplayRoom": false in offline-mixer.json and mixer_text_display_room=false in and no change, room name is always there. How to...
  6. wyvasi

    App not responding

    Good day! After some time the the docker container crashed/restarted and now I can't get it up running anymore ( 8444 interface is not accessible and publishing/playing not working). I hope I can get some help, it only happens to 1 out of 6 servers and 3 servers restarted in total at same time...
  7. pride


    Здравствуйте. Могу ли я стороним приложением получить поток с WCS RTP/RTSP/RTMP ? Если да, то могу ли я выбрать кодек в котором я хочу получить поток?
  8. S

    RTSP from ip camera is not working

    Hi Flashphoner folks, I'm try on the demo page to streaming ip camera and display in the web page. On the left menu "Streaming" , the default parameter for server is "wss://" and the second parameter of Stream, I type my rtsp url in that textbox. Then press button test...
  9. M

    change wss default port

    Hi administrator, I'm using WCS version 5.2.1498. I change the default port at file with config: wss.port=443 (default 8443) and then restart webcallserver it OK, but I used the command netstat to check port 443 it's not listening. I'm certain port 443 hasn't been...
  10. I

    Обновление sipOptions на лету

    Есть ли возможность подключиться к sip серверу в WebSDK на лету? То есть передать sipOptions не в методе Flashphoner.createSession(), а уже потом?
  11. Luke-aidkr

    trail license is expired plz more development and testing is needed. Is it possible to extend the license?

    my demo license expired mar 12 but i'm under development, so it will take more time how to extend trial license expire day extended?
  12. S

    How to setup Web call server5

    Hi, I have setup Web Call Server 5 on EC2 from AWS Marketplace. My server has created with private IP but latter I have attached Elastic IP. However, I am not able to access control panel and demo page. https://Elastic_IP:8888 Please help in the setup. Thanks,
  13. giapdz

    about license key

    Hi Max, if i forgot deactivate before uninstall old instance. Now I can't active a new install with this license key. How to active again?
  14. hyuk

    FlashphonerWebCallServer cannot be started from user flashphoner, please fix the permissions to the folders or run 'webcallserver set-permissions'!

    I have flashphoner 5.2.1555 version installed. Error starting server using flashphoner user. "FlashphonerWebCallServer cannot be started from user flashphoner, please fix the permissions to the folders or run 'webcallserver set-permissions'!" sudo ./webcallserver set-permissions I tried using...
  15. P

    WebRTC stream push

    Hello, some time ago at this page there used to be functionality (highlighted in green) on how to push/republish a stream using WebRTC. It isn't there anymore. If this still feasible? Thanks, P
  16. V

    Testing new version

    Hi Max!, I´m testing this new version but can´t make it work. I´m listening to a rtsp feed and trying to generate a WebRTC player. Super happy with my actual servers running v.2.0.225-5.2.1482 super good for years, really happy. Anyway if you can help... SSH sent from support page. Thanks!
  17. S

    About License Key

    We have purchased (Web Call Server 5) years ago, our server will transfer to VM enviroment (Physical-to-Virtual) recently, should we need to active the product with same license key on vm enviroment again? Many thanks. :)
  18. M

    IOS SDK doesn't disconnect calls terminated by the called party

    Hi all, we are using SDK IOS 2.6.105. Our app is a dialer that calls to normal phones dialing the MSISDN (que use asterisk connected with a trunk to an SBC to deliver this kind of calls). We don't have problems with the audio stream in both direcctions, however, when the called party hangs up...
  19. marko.nastic

    RoomApi pull request

    Hello, I was working on implementing roomApi and found that some classes are missing, so I forked flashphoner/flashphoner_client repository and made changes that you can see in a pull request to the wcs_api-2.0 branch. Please review my changes and merge them if there aren't any problems, or if...
  20. M

    Server getting down after restart (started, but is not healthy)

    Hello Recently we've updated Flashphoner from version 5.2.1140 to 5.2.1536 in our servers (Linux Debian 10) Since there, some times service don't get up after restart. Service start, open ports to listen, but do not responds on any port. After many tries, and some sort of time, we do restart...