1. mikerugerio

    Disable demo user in script launch template AWS

    I want disable "demo" user in launch template (The setup script example to update WCS to latest build and to configure CDN Edge server). How can I modify the script?
  2. N

    RTMP publishing with same stream name and overriding the older stream

    I get NetStream.Publish.BadName message from the server when I publish with a stream name that is already existing on the server. I would like it so that I can overwrite existing streams when I publish with the same name. Is this possible? Thanks
  3. V

    Тестовый сервер перестал работать

    Добрый день, прошу помощи. Установил WCS через AWS, тестировали сервер - все было ок. В один момент сервер перестал работать. Возможно из-за депрекейтед настройки в (stream_record_policy=streamName). Надстройку удалил, поставил stream_record_policy_template={streamName}...
  4. S

    server not sending stats

    Hi, I've added the `outbound_video_rate_stat_send_interval=1` and inbound_video_rate_stat_send_interval=1`. It is working in my local network at home I have WCS running on a secondary laptop and I receive the quality update event in my broadcaster and player. But It does not work on my public...
  5. S

    Websdk issue ios camera toggle from version (october)

    Hi there Seems like there's an issue with media devices on IOS going from websdk to all new versions including the latest Running latest wcs 5.2.873 We have a video chat where users can toggle cameras, on android it works ok, on ios tested version 14.0 and...
  6. V

    Can't play rtmp video while playing

    Hi, I have a bug. Can't play rtmp video while playing. How can fix it?
  7. C

    AWS EC2 Pre-configured Instance Demos Not Working: Failed by ICE timeout

    Hi, I followed the instructions to deploy a pre-configured AWS EC2 instance. I was able to successfully deploy the instance and login to the demo dashboard, but I am receiving the same error when I try to publish any of the demos: "Failed by ICE timeout" I'm running version...
  8. Fiji

    Не работает rest api rest-api/pull/pull при нагрузочном тестировании

    Добрый день. Есть два сервера, первый с полной лицензией, второй с демо. 1. Публикую поток video1 на первом сервере wss://server1.priv:8443 2. в приложении streaming/console добавляю свои два сервера, захожу на второй сервер 3. Нажимаю Pull stream задаю параметры WCS address...
  9. G

    Android Sample App - Could not resolve symbol fpwcsapi

    Hi, I downloaded the Sample code from below link. But getting error "could not resolve symbol **fpwcsapi**". And **fp_wcs_api** project also not available in Sample code. Please guide me to fix this. Awaiting for your early response to...
  10. U

    Streaming FAILED

    1. Описание проблемы: - сценарий использования сервера - видеочат - признаки проблемы - не публикуется видео - откуда публикуется поток - не публикуется видео снимаемое с web-камеры, которая транслирует в браузер, это проверялось в ОС Windows 10, в браузерах Google Chrome и Opera. - чем играется...
  11. J

    open ports and firewall

    Hi We are using Flashphoner. My developer has opened Ports 30 000 - 33 000 to facilitate livestreaming. The company who provides security for the site says that their firewall cannot be configured to protect our sites anymore because of the open ports. What is the solution? Thanks!
  12. jobs

    WCS v. issue

    Hi: I am having some problems on WCS demo. I step by step, follow the installation manual test to establish success. And import SSL certificates done. I am WCS can't support any mobile browser login, but use PC browser can login. I use mobile login
  13. alexey

    SSL сертификаты: Сервер не смотрит в файл wss.jks

    Добрый день! задача: Требуется обновлять сертификаты letsencrypt и автоматически генерировать wss.jks используем скрипт используем инструкцию по keytool и выпуску сертификатов
  14. K

    Stream issue on iPhone

    Hello, We have a very strange error with one of our iPhones (iOS 14.2). It cannot start streaming, just shows black local video area. No logs, no visible errors, nothing. We tried "Stream diagnostic" example hosted on our server and got the following...
  15. appsgenii

    Embed Player redirecting to login Page

    I am tring to embed player in iframe but it redirecting to Login screen. Kindly help this. Example Embed URL: https://HOST_URL/embed_player?urlServer=wss://,Flash,MSE,WSPlayer&streamName=RTSP_URL
  16. M

    Android sdk problem. "A Call is in progress. You can only adjust call volume"

    Hi, We are using WCS for Android and we have noticed that when a call is finished in some devices (Xiaomi) an annoying inapp notification appears: "A Call is in progress. You can only adjust call volume" and this notification sometimes can't be closed... To end a call we run the...
  17. S

    Cloud server performance issue

    Hi, We have a setup of multiple WCS servers on Azure. Recently we did load testing to determine maximum load of a server and we came to some unexpected results. Server details: 16 vCPUs and 64GB of RAM, Azure Das_v4 series Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 JDK: openjdk version 12.0.2...
  18. kip9696

    About the ports that need to be opened behind the firewall

    I am configuring a server behind a firewall udp range changed to 20000-25000 and service ports(ex 8080, 8888 more....) opened Mainly used module is rtsp to Webrtc But I cant receive webrtc video When all ports are open, I can receive Video But When closed except that port, I just receive...
  19. E

    Мониторинг статуса видео потока от участника конференции

    Доброго времени суток! Использую RoomApi для создания конференций, вот в чем вопрос. Бывают ситуации, когда видео от пользователя зависает намертво(остаётся только один кадр),при этом у того, кто этот поток транслирует, проблем нет. Если после зависания в конференцию зайдет еще человек, то будет...
  20. A

    SIP connectivity with opensips

    Hi there We are trying to make a connectivity with SIP API, we have successfully installed opensips on WCS and its running, kindly let us know how to define the sip extension on this and how to connect the web client? Thanks AB