1. V

    Trying h265

    Hi Max!, i`m trying to ingest MPG TS h265 from a rtsp to use the embed player. but no luck. The player is black. I followed the instrucions tu update, and updated one of our servers to the v.2.0.228-5.2.1579 The final goal is to publish the embed player and the latency is very important. Thanks...
  2. T

    Фризы в Full HD

    Даже не совсем фризы, а дёрганье изображения туда-сюда. На wcs видео отправляется из obs через rtmp, в браузере проигрывается по WebRtc, при запуске транскодинга в 720 лаги уходят, но качество картинки и входящий трафик соответствуют 480. если принудительно запустить транскодинг через...
  3. F

    RTSP failure for ICE timeout

    Sorry Max, but I'm having trouble playing the streams again. Streams fail with stream.getInfo method returning 'Failed by ICE timeout'. I did change my file and ec2 inbound rules and theses are my configurations now. Everything seemed to work just fine but now, I...
  4. F

    [WebSDK] Fail to pull rtsp stream

    Hi I'm trying to make a website with several rtsp streams played at the same time. As is in the demos, I am using WebSDK and create stream with rtsp uri as stream name. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble pulling rtsp streams time to time. Oddly, I can play my rtsp stream on VLC player, but...
  5. S

    Snapshot through Rest API

    Webcall server 5.2.1847 on AWS EC2 A POST call to [server]:8444/rest-api/stream/snapshot results in 200 OK with no snapshot data. In the log file we can see a SNAPSHOT_COMPLETE with image data included but this is after the rest api request ended. For example: 20-12-2023 10:37:36...
  6. S

    AWS EC2 Flashphoner image Yum update failed

    Just launched an Amazon EC2 AMI with Flashphoner license. It started and is running but when trying to sudo yum update the instance, I get the following error: Transaction Summary...
  7. Gabriel Soudry

    MJPEG video stream

    Hello, Are there any plans to implement MJPEG support in the future ? f not, I'd like to inquire whether it would be advisable to use ffmpeg for converting MJPEG to H.264 and then transmitting it to Flashphoner. Regards, Gabriel
  8. P

    RtspAgent Shutdown error in H.264 rtsp stream

    Hello, We are experiencing rtsp disconnect after about 1 minute. Here is disconnect log. 10:48:00,604 INFO RtspAgent - RTSP-AGENT-rtsp://pbochan:pass@ Shutdown 10:48:00,604 INFO RtspAgent -...
  9. ser

    Транскодер за NAT

    Здравствуйте у нас есть транскодер в приватной сети RU региона #server ip ip ip_local #ip_local = #webrtc ports range media_port_from =31001 media_port_to =32000...
  10. P

    Screen capture

    Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding screen capture: 1. iOS examples provide a sample screen capture with Swift only, is the screen capture available for Objective-C? 2. is screen capture for both iOS and Android available while streaming/publishing a camera with microphone? Thanks, P
  11. andrew.n

    RTCMTLVideoView camera preview

    @Max is there an option to show the camera preview, before starting a stream? Right now I use another component for that but I have some issues for device rotation and I tough it will be easier to work only with a single RTCMTLVideoView during streaming but also before starting the stream.
  12. Gabriel Soudry

    H265 Grey Screen (not in H264, not in H265 in VLC)

    Hello, We have a bug in the latest version of Flashphoner, RTSP H265, where we see a grey screen every second. This bug is not present in VLC H265 nor in Flashphoner RTSP H264. Are you aware of this bug? Unfortunately, we cannot share this RTSP to the internet. Regards, Gabriel
  13. ser

    Система контроля просмотров как у нимбла pay-per-view

    Хотел спросить есть ли у вас система контроля за количеством просмотров трансляции? Систему авторизации HLS просмотров я нашел тут Аутентификация воспроизведения HLS с помощью REST hook Каждый раз при запросе плейлиста происходит http запрос на апи. То есть 10 просмотров = 10 запросов...
  14. S

    "Stopped by session disconnect"

    We are having a issue streaming externally on customer network. We had all firewalls disabled and captured a good working internal scenario and a failed external scenario. Logs are showing this when failing: OBJECT: { "nodeId" : "mB8C1N1RLLpg0D1KI1xl87rX1RduM7BD@", "appKey"...
  15. pride

    RTSP KeyFrame

    Добрый день, могу ли я управлять количеством ключевых кадров в потоке RTSP (h264) c WCS? WebRTC -> RTSP -> Стороний приемник потока
  16. sangsoo

    Problem joining the same Room twice with the same name while hooking RoomApp

    Hi there. I am hooking the RoomApp ConnectionStatusEvent to handle abnormal termination (chrome tab closing) while joining a conference (Room). Basically, it works fine, but there is a problem when joining the same Room twice with the same name. -----Version info-----...
  17. M

    SIP video call from WCS can't hear audio of audio file was play from SIP server

    Hi admin, I have a call script that is called internal when a sip peer (8001) calls to extensions (999999) it goes to IVR, here will play audio. Then goes to queue (2000), the queue has music on hold (moh). Next connects to sip peer (8000). I tested SIP audio call and the video call does not...
  18. djuka

    Mixer text - can't remove room name from stream label text

    I use off line mixer to join streams into one video file. But, room name always appears in the front of stream label text. I tried: "mixerTextDisplayRoom": false in offline-mixer.json and mixer_text_display_room=false in and no change, room name is always there. How to...
  19. wyvasi

    App not responding

    Good day! After some time the the docker container crashed/restarted and now I can't get it up running anymore ( 8444 interface is not accessible and publishing/playing not working). I hope I can get some help, it only happens to 1 out of 6 servers and 3 servers restarted in total at same time...
  20. pride


    Здравствуйте. Могу ли я стороним приложением получить поток с WCS RTP/RTSP/RTMP ? Если да, то могу ли я выбрать кодек в котором я хочу получить поток?