1. P

    rest-hook + авторизация sip

    Существует ли возможность не выводить в отладочную консоль данные текущего sip подключения (см.скиншот) полученные через rest-hook ? А то получается мы вроде как в скрипте их не пишем, чтобы не показывать юзеру, но при этом получить их особого труда не составляет, а имея реквизиты подключения...
  2. J

    replaying WEBRTC stream with video tag in HTML5

    He are seeing error in replaying webrtc stream with below video tag: <div id="videoFrameContainer"> <video id='fp_embed_player'...
  3. Jieun

    having a trouble to 8443 WebSocket connection

    Hello, I bought a monthly license of WCS and installed it running in cent OS. I want to embed a player using RTSP stream to my website. After the installation, I checked the admin page using 8444 port is normally opened, but i can't play a video and found out an error message in console like...
  4. M

    4k resolution possible on desktop between 2 users?

    Hello! I am sure this question was already asked but the forum search feature does not allow search expressions with 3 or less letters. And I do not know other expressions like "4k" or "uhd". ;) Anyway, a friend and mine would like to have a video chat on our Windows computers in a 4k...
  5. Jaj

    Unable to connect to server - Websocket connection to server failed

    I have a trial version of WCS installed on an Amazon EC2 instance running Ubuntu 18 (Not through the marketplace) Letsencrypt SSL installed Server working fine with all the demos running as expected port 8443 open (Screenshot attached) Server listening on 8443 (Again, screenshot attached) When...
  6. J

    High CPU usage on web call server even without any streaming session

    I noticed web call server consistently use up high CPU resource in my server even though there is no on going streaming session; wonder how I can tune it.
  7. H

    High Latency

    I installed Flasphoner on an Ubuntu server and tried some streams. Sadly we have a latency of 4-5 seconds. The server, the camera and the client are in the same network. If I call the camera via VLC from the client, the latency is around 1 second. Do you have any idea, where the problem could...
  8. B


    Hi everyone, I've a projetc to create a room (MCU) and integrate with Youtube through API google. Interested send private message that I will give more details. Thank u
  9. V

    Падает flashphoner при 10-15 одновременных стримах

    Добрый день! Организовали инстанс на EC2 для записи стримов, пик нагрузки примерно 100 одновременных стримов, но большую часть времени число от 10 до 30. Инстанс c5.4xlarge, но после нескольких часов работы несколько ядер начинают грузиться в 100%, в настройках ядра увеличена память для heap -...
  10. Mik

    Черный экран при записи с Android - Honor 20

    Добрый день. Посмотрите пожалуйста логи, записывается черное видео без звука: c6m3ituqgtko8pb42evtk2uat2-15-35-29. Report прилагаю.
  11. B

    Demo Room WebRTC as RTMP re-publishing

    Hi guys, Can someone help me ? I am looking for a room with 2 (with cam) or more participants and with screen sharing and re-transmitting to RTMP. Thanks a lot,
  12. S

    transcode a stream to video only

    Hi, I need to transcode my stream so that the output of the original steam has no audio. I tried adding "hasAudio": false to transcoder startup params but it won't work. When I list all transcoders via API the hasAudio is set to true in my transcoded stream and of course when i play the...
  13. S

    somethin got broken between in webrtc Chrome => Safari

    Hi, I've encountered a strange issue that I have never seen before. Yesterday I've noticed that when I publish my webrtc stream from Chrome it plays OK everywhere except for Safari iOS. I tried reverting to old code and old WCS / SDK versions from 3 months ago where all was good but it didn't...
  14. R

    при подключении в mcu в логах 500 ошибка

    видим в логах 12:30:13,524 WARN RestClient - API-ASYNC-pool-13-thread-2259 POST request resulted in 500 (Internal Server Error) 12:30:13,524 WARN ManagerApiConnection - API-ASYNC-pool-13-thread-2259 Failed to get object from REST with exception:Internal Server Error скажите что...
  15. sangsoo

    {startTimeMillis} problem when stopping VP8 stream recording

    -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.923-aedc87cff21fea097721068cda0495425218ab31 wcs_client_version=2.0.166-eed8c28a711996707a64f16bdfb64953c4948e4c Hello. When I finish recording the vp8 publish stream, the template {startTimeMillis} is set to 0. {endTimeMillis} works fine. - using ...
  16. djuka

    Huge flashphoner.log files

    I have a problem with flashphoner.log files in the server logs folder. Files are huge and mostly populated with debug entries. How to disable DEBUG logs in flashphoner.log files and have only INFO, WARN, or ERROR?
  17. J

    RTMP error while doing streaming via webrtc

    Hi, At times, I'm seeing below errors in server log indicating RTMP errors (log attached) when I realized the stream failed; would appreciate if you could suggest way to rectify it.
  18. H

    RTSP Video Stream doesnt work

    I installed Flashphoner on an Ubuntu sever. I want to stream a RTSP Stream from a Reolink IP Camera with the player. Sadly I always get the message “FAILED“ without any explanations. The stream works fine with VLC and the code is H264 The URI is...
  19. S

    update maxBitrate for live stream

    Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible or not to apply new constraints to a publisher live stream. For example, I would like to implement a simple auto-quality functionality. The goal is to decrease (or increase) the quality without the need to restart the stream. So for example if I publish...
  20. Prodamus

    Не работает клон сервера

    Добрый день. Создали клон рабочего сервера, установили на нем ту же лицензию, что и на боевом. Однако при проверке получаем следующую картину - соединение с сервером устанавливается, а вот воспроизведение стримов не идет (см скрин) В логах видим следующие записи 01:36:12,998 INFO...