1. P

    CDN в kubernetes

    Доброго времени суток. Искал информацию по поводу развёртывания WCS в kubernetes, нашёл только второстепенные упоминания в нескольких тредах. Потому задам интересующие вопросы отдельно. Есть ли какие-то данные по поводу поддержки WCS CDN в k8s и сопутствующего автомасштабирования? Какие-то...
  2. T

    GCP and AWS Licensing

    Hello We've been testing and deploying the WCS to the Google Cloud Platform and I have a question about licensing. We currently use AWS to deploy EC2 instances of the WCS using the AMI provided by you in the AWS Marketplace...
  3. T

    Streams handling

    We bought WCS AMI from aws of type t3.medium , we are using for Ip camera streaming.How many cameras we can handle with one WCS server.
  4. I

    Поддержка инстансов AWS

    Здравствуйте. 1. Правильно понимаю, что архитектура Arm не поддерживается и не планируется? Т.е. переход на инстансы типа a1 невозможен? 2. Поддерживается ли работа на инстансах типа m6i?
  5. sumitmitra25

    VOD to Live Stream

    USE CASE : where user will schedule a VOD content for Live Streaming. we are doing post request to this endpoint with following payload: Example endpoint ( ----> /rest-api/vod/startup Payload : { "uri":"vod-live://s3/s3bucket/s3filename"...
  6. Y

    Unable to login as admin

    Hi, I have an WCS at AWS and I can't login to the admin account with the user/pass of admin/<ec2-instance-id> This instance is created from an AMI that was created from an AWS marketplace WCS. [1] How can I login to the admin account? [2] Is there a way to replace the current SSL certificate...
  7. T

    WebCallServer start not working with EFS mount

    Hello We're having trouble deploying the latest version of the WebCallServer (5.2.944) on AWS. When deploying a WebCallServer, we also mount Amazon's EFS to the records directory so that we can have multiple WebCallServers sharing the same network file system. However when deploying the...
  8. D

    WCS EC2 Flashphoner crash

    Hi all, I'm using flashphoner perfectly from some months now. It all works good, and I installed the SSL certificate successfully. Unfortunately, I'm facing an issue some times. The istance in AWS looks fine and "running" but I can't connect to...
  9. G

    Configuration WCS livestream up to 300 streams ON AWS EC2

    Hello. I use WCS on AWS service, And I have one question to ask. How can I config WCS on AWS service to livestream up to 300 streams in one time ? Also, I want to know recommend package for up to 200 livestreams that I should use for WCS on AWS service. Please advice. Gain
  10. Pin

    Problem with WCS on AWS E2

    Hi, First, I'm newbie on AWS. I have setup EC2 with Elastic IP and new domain name. Both are work as normal, it can access from the internet. But, I have problem on Streamer menu after Start, it runing the error "Failed by ICE timeout" Here is all allowed inbound ports. Please advice...
  11. D

    SSL certification on EC2 for AWS

    Hello, I'm trying to install a SSL certificate to my application. I can acess to it from . When I try to create a certificate for the server "" it ask me for a email validation to...
  12. Y

    Running WCS 5.2.912

    I'm trying to run WCS 5.2.912 on AWS EC2 in order to try reproduce an issue we had. I tried to do it in 2 ways: [1] Use an instance of older/newer version available in AWS marketplace and upgrade it to 912 [2] Use a clean ubuntu instance and install 5.2.912 on it. In both cases, I end up with...
  13. PinoRossi

    Advice on EC2 plan to support video calls for 300 concurrent users.

    Hello there, I have this necessity, embed 6 ways video conference room in a game room project. There will be 2000 users daily, so I guess we can consider 200/400 concurrent video calls (in 6 players rooms). What kind of EC2 cut would you suggest? Or would you suggest other solutions? Cheers Pino
  14. J

    Launching Flashphoner server in AWS Auto Scaling Group

    I would like to find out whats the best way to create auto scaling group in AWS to host Flashphoner instances behind a load balancer, questions like: a) how to configure load balancer? Determine in flow request by port 8443? b) How to apply license on scaled instances?
  15. S

    Amazon AWS instance stopped working

    Hello Suddenly, my Amazon AWS instance of Flashphoner stopped working, i cannot access https://<ip>:8888 anymore. I recreated the instance and updated to the latest version. However, it is still not reachable, ssh to the server works however. With netstat, i cannot see port 888 to be opened...
  16. R

    AWS CloudFormation template

    Is there any AWS CloudFormation template to create new ec2 instances whenever I need it, or any AWS cdk examples?
  17. evgeniy.mukhin

    Автомасштабирование AWS

    Добрый день. Подскажите, пожалуйста. Изучаем вопрос производительности и автомасштабирования флешфонера со стороны инфраструктуры aws. У Вас есть инструкция по настройке с помощью Classic load balancer, но он отмечен как legacy. В то же время Network Load Balancer указан как более...
  18. V

    Выполнение команд в on_record_hook

    Добрый день! Вопрос возможно не связан напрямую с флешфонером, прошу помочь. При записи стрима нужно добавить обработчик через aws sqs ( AWS CLI), но команда не запускается, хоть и формируется верно, возможно это из за того, что WCS работает от имени flashphoner. Как можно запустить в скрипте...
  19. Y

    Public ip on aws wsc maketplace

    Hi, I'm running WSC 5.2 on AWS from marketplace. WSC opens ports and listens on the private ip. I can't access to WSC ports (8444 for example) via the public ip. What should I do? Thanks!
  20. J

    Need help to improve performance

    Hello We are using Flashphoner with AWS. We are using MSE for rtsp source. But rtsp source video is no problem and quick, but with flashphoner video sometimes lack in web browser. sometimes videos are stopped 2 ~ 3 seconds and playing again. Any solution for improve performance? Thank you