1. S

    How to setup Web call server5

    Hi, I have setup Web Call Server 5 on EC2 from AWS Marketplace. My server has created with private IP but latter I have attached Elastic IP. However, I am not able to access control panel and demo page. https://Elastic_IP:8888 Please help in the setup. Thanks,
  2. KaranBhansali91

    Origin edge server setup

    Hi, As mentioned here have completed setup of origin edge server. Using the command ssh -p 2001 localhost or ssh -p 2001 admin@localhost on the edge server , it does not connect. The credentials are same as the web interface , correct ? Attached below screenshot
  3. E

    AWS Marketplace Instance isssue

    Hi, I'm running the Flashphoner webcallserver AMI instance with built in license on AWS - am able to SSH in to the server no problem but my browser refuses to connect to the locallhost:8888 have followed all your online instructions but no luck - any ideas what might be stoppng the connection...
  4. P

    CDN в kubernetes

    Доброго времени суток. Искал информацию по поводу развёртывания WCS в kubernetes, нашёл только второстепенные упоминания в нескольких тредах. Потому задам интересующие вопросы отдельно. Есть ли какие-то данные по поводу поддержки WCS CDN в k8s и сопутствующего автомасштабирования? Какие-то...
  5. T

    GCP and AWS Licensing

    Hello We've been testing and deploying the WCS to the Google Cloud Platform and I have a question about licensing. We currently use AWS to deploy EC2 instances of the WCS using the AMI provided by you in the AWS Marketplace...
  6. T

    Streams handling

    We bought WCS AMI from aws of type t3.medium , we are using for Ip camera streaming.How many cameras we can handle with one WCS server.
  7. I

    Поддержка инстансов AWS

    Здравствуйте. 1. Правильно понимаю, что архитектура Arm не поддерживается и не планируется? Т.е. переход на инстансы типа a1 невозможен? 2. Поддерживается ли работа на инстансах типа m6i?
  8. sumitmitra25

    VOD to Live Stream

    USE CASE : where user will schedule a VOD content for Live Streaming. we are doing post request to this endpoint with following payload: Example endpoint ( ----> /rest-api/vod/startup Payload : { "uri":"vod-live://s3/s3bucket/s3filename"...
  9. Y

    Unable to login as admin

    Hi, I have an WCS at AWS and I can't login to the admin account with the user/pass of admin/<ec2-instance-id> This instance is created from an AMI that was created from an AWS marketplace WCS. [1] How can I login to the admin account? [2] Is there a way to replace the current SSL certificate...
  10. T

    WebCallServer start not working with EFS mount

    Hello We're having trouble deploying the latest version of the WebCallServer (5.2.944) on AWS. When deploying a WebCallServer, we also mount Amazon's EFS to the records directory so that we can have multiple WebCallServers sharing the same network file system. However when deploying the...
  11. D

    WCS EC2 Flashphoner crash

    Hi all, I'm using flashphoner perfectly from some months now. It all works good, and I installed the SSL certificate successfully. Unfortunately, I'm facing an issue some times. The istance in AWS looks fine and "running" but I can't connect to...
  12. G

    Configuration WCS livestream up to 300 streams ON AWS EC2

    Hello. I use WCS on AWS service, And I have one question to ask. How can I config WCS on AWS service to livestream up to 300 streams in one time ? Also, I want to know recommend package for up to 200 livestreams that I should use for WCS on AWS service. Please advice. Gain
  13. Pin

    Problem with WCS on AWS E2

    Hi, First, I'm newbie on AWS. I have setup EC2 with Elastic IP and new domain name. Both are work as normal, it can access from the internet. But, I have problem on Streamer menu after Start, it runing the error "Failed by ICE timeout" Here is all allowed inbound ports. Please advice...
  14. D

    SSL certification on EC2 for AWS

    Hello, I'm trying to install a SSL certificate to my application. I can acess to it from . When I try to create a certificate for the server "" it ask me for a email validation to...
  15. Y

    Running WCS 5.2.912

    I'm trying to run WCS 5.2.912 on AWS EC2 in order to try reproduce an issue we had. I tried to do it in 2 ways: [1] Use an instance of older/newer version available in AWS marketplace and upgrade it to 912 [2] Use a clean ubuntu instance and install 5.2.912 on it. In both cases, I end up with...
  16. PinoRossi

    Advice on EC2 plan to support video calls for 300 concurrent users.

    Hello there, I have this necessity, embed 6 ways video conference room in a game room project. There will be 2000 users daily, so I guess we can consider 200/400 concurrent video calls (in 6 players rooms). What kind of EC2 cut would you suggest? Or would you suggest other solutions? Cheers Pino
  17. J

    Launching Flashphoner server in AWS Auto Scaling Group

    I would like to find out whats the best way to create auto scaling group in AWS to host Flashphoner instances behind a load balancer, questions like: a) how to configure load balancer? Determine in flow request by port 8443? b) How to apply license on scaled instances?
  18. S

    Amazon AWS instance stopped working

    Hello Suddenly, my Amazon AWS instance of Flashphoner stopped working, i cannot access https://<ip>:8888 anymore. I recreated the instance and updated to the latest version. However, it is still not reachable, ssh to the server works however. With netstat, i cannot see port 888 to be opened...
  19. R

    AWS CloudFormation template

    Is there any AWS CloudFormation template to create new ec2 instances whenever I need it, or any AWS cdk examples?
  20. evgeniy.mukhin

    Автомасштабирование AWS

    Добрый день. Подскажите, пожалуйста. Изучаем вопрос производительности и автомасштабирования флешфонера со стороны инфраструктуры aws. У Вас есть инструкция по настройке с помощью Classic load balancer, но он отмечен как legacy. В то же время Network Load Balancer указан как более...