1. D

    Problem with multi-record(VP8 codec)

    Hello, We faced a problem when recording a "multi-record" from a Pixel 6 phone(missing video/audio track), during the reasirching we found out what comes from the device stream with the VP8 video codec: { ... "name" : "challenger826", "published" : true, "hasVideo" : true, "hasAudio" ...
  2. M

    RTSP No Codecs Found

    We are trying to stream an RTSP Video direct from a FLIR PT-606Z HD camera and the stream failed. We looked in the server logs and saw a "No Codecs Found Error." Log is attached. Please advise.
  3. L

    RTSP - No Codecs Found

    I'm trying to stream RTSP to Web RTC and I'm seeing a failure in the logs saying "No codecs found". I have already tried updating Flashphoner to the latest version, but that didn't help. Also, I'm getting the RTSP stream from this Docker container: aler9/rtsp-simple-server Any help is appreciated!
  4. I

    Планы по поддержке новых кодеков

    Здравствуйте! Хотели бы узнать, есть в планах поддержка таких кодеков как H.265, VP9, AV1 ? Если да, то когда примерно планируете реализовать?
  5. B

    RTSP stream not working

    Hi, the stream rtsp://(...)@ does work in VLC but not in Flashphoner. It is an AirCam OD-325HD H.264. The video profile is MJPEG/SXGA. Is there a solution to get the stream through Flashphoner? Thanks in advance, Bernhard
  6. a1p4ca

    Some RTSP Stream fails

    [replaced] This stream available in VLC, but not in Flashphoner. It says 'no common codecs'. Please help.
  7. dmitry1987

    При стриминге потока без видео он не воспроизводится на demo плеере

    Если стримить с видео то поток воспроизводится и с видео и с аудио , если же стримить поток с одним аудио то он не воспроизводится в демо плеере Пример стриминга: ffmpeg -re -i -map a -acodec mp3 -f flv...
  8. S

    h265 support

    Hi, Does WCS support h.265 codec, cause I am not able to play such stream ("No common codec" info message)? Thanks.
  9. G

    Some of live streaming URL not working in Android System WebView

    Hi, I made Android Application for my product and only display my website in android system webview. Now In some of the Android Phone my live streaming URL is not working. Live Streaming URL is working in Desktop Chrome Browser, Mobile Phone chrome Browser but having issue in Android Phone...
  10. burak guder

    what is the codec of the Screen Sharing ?

    I want to share screen with re-publish (rtmp-push) feature but only h264 codec can be used because the v8 cod requires extra core usage. How do I ensure that only h264 is used in webrtc inputs?